Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A REAL Task Force to Protect Women’s Health and Lives…

After repeatedly rejecting calls to include alternate views in his Task Force on Abortion, Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri threw down the gauntlet: “nothing is stopping Planned Parenthood from forming their own group.”


This will probably be the only advice we ever take from Governor Blunt (wink).

Gov. Blunt has gathered 14 extremists to spend months pretending to ‘study’ abortion. Let’s show Blunt Trauma we can get 10 times that number of people to form a REAL Task Force to Protect Women’s Health and Lives in Missouri.

Working together we can gather thousands of Missourians who have more knowledge, expertise and sense to protect women’s health than Governor Blunt will ever have!

Let’s not lose sight of what the anti-choice forces are working towards with their sorta task force. A similar group in South Dakota launched an abortion ban in law that South Dakota voters ultimately revoked. If Governor Blunt is serious about reducing the need for abortion, we must put Prevention First and focus on reducing unintended pregnancies through comprehensive sex education and increased access to contraception and other family planning services. Unfortunately, Governor Blunt seems to believe that restricting access will reduce the need for safe abortion care.

Visit Planned Parenthood online and join the REAL Task Force to Protect Women’s Health and Lives and SIGN THE PETITION against an abortion ban in Missouri!



SagaciousHillbilly said...

How the hell did MO ever elect this moron?

Hell yes form your own task force/committee/ whatever. Fill it full of people from the trenches. Include doctors, social activists, progressive religious leaders, scientists, academics and any other person with righteous credentials. Come out with a report that is scientifically credible beyond reproach.
These back woods neanderthal bozos have GOT to go.

Unknown said...

When the deck is stacked against us, its wrong on every level.

Christ, is MO that chock full of anti-choice freaks that no one stands up to this asshat and his obvious fuckwittery?

I echo Hillbilly's did MO every elect this MOron?

Shark-Fu said...

Hey now, a lot of us are standing up!

But some folks lost their minds a few years back and decided to go with Blunt Trauma.

We're gonna fix that this

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