Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A political presence pondering...

As most of you know, a bitch is politically involved (wink).

After years of teaching Voter Education classes I have learned that many people are unaware of the multitude of ways they can and should participate in the political process. At the same time I’ve noticed that the political dialogue is influenced by those who do participate.

Oh, I've heard all about how the powerful silence certain voices but a bitch is loud
as hell and rarely silenced by anyone (wink).

The other day I heard a commentator say that women of color have a difficult choice to make between voting for Obama, Clinton or Edwards. That may be true, but a bitch also thinks this campaign has brought to light another task facing all people not currently represented in government.

How can we increase our political presence?

That we, the under or not at all represented, need to be politically present and why we need to be is very clear.

No one can speak to our issues the way that we can.

So we must be on top of all the issues, allergic to spin and mindful of the responsibility of our vote.

We must participate in political life so religiously that no one could legitimately speculate over what matters to us or how to achieve our vote.

We must be politically present so that those who run for office know who they represent and respect the power of our vote, needs and opinion.

We must have the courage to run for local, state and national office.

We can run...we can win...and we must add our voice to the chorus.

This election has already been historic...a black man won the Iowa caucus and a woman won the New Hampshire primary...but it has also been a clinic on the complexity of diversity and variety of privilege.

So, we have to be politically present...women, young people, people of color, seniors, LGBT people, the disabled, the poor, workers, immigrants, religious minorities and any and all combinations of all of the above must stand up and step forward into political life.

No one will speak for me as well as I can so you can bet your ass a bitch is standing up...


faboo mama said...

Thanks for this. Tomorrow, I've been invited to speak to a local group of Latinos who are organizing for Obama. My job is to inspire them. I am not an inspirational sort and this has been working on me since I got railroaded into this. You hit on exactly what I wanted to talk to them about. I'm going to drop some shark-fu on 'em.

Anonymous said...

Oh, like those of us who are NOT women of color have such and EASY choice! If it were that easy, there'd be no reason to hold elections at all. The presidency would go to either a white man or a white woman, based on census data, period, end of sentence (at least until some other racial group becomes the majority in this country). That comment is pure hogwash. Every single one of us has a difficult choice to make, whichever side of the fence you're on.
That said, I agree with your main point about being a representative 100%. Now, to figure out what to run for...

Yankee T said...

My 2 20-year olds are about tired of me spouting off about how nobody will stand up for us, and the groups our family represents: women, young people, people of color, and GLBT the way we can. I will not cease until I see them active. Today, on the way to school my 15 year old starting questioning me about my voting choices. I about drove off the road with glee. We MUST spread the word that inaction is not an option. Thank you for all you do.
I find you inspiring.

Shark-Fu said...

faboo... you go! Get them fired up!

catnmus... Tell It! I had to turn that mess off because they were working my nerves. This decision is beyond important and challenging for most folks. And you be sure to let me know when you run!

Yankee T... parents who encourage their children to get politically involved inspire the hell out of me. Thank you for what you do...

GoGo said...

Hell yeah! I participate in the "politcal" process when I can or want to. Like getting petitioned signed for universal health care in my midwest state, my current project.

Thanks for the reminder!


Unknown said...

January 22-23, 2008
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Unknown said...

THis was moving and quite you do much public speaking Shark Fu? You should you know..we don't have enough voices like yours.

Oh, and Congratulations to Faboo.knock em dead woman ;)

Melissa McEwan said...

This post rules.

(I hope you'll consider cross-posting to Shakes...because everyone needs to read this post.)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Excellent post Black Lady!!! Well said, what needs to be said.
I will be referencing it over at my place.
Do not go gently!

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