Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Lawd, it feels like a bitch has been celebrating Halloween for ever and a day this year.

Thank Gawd the day is finally upon us, because my Bitch of the Damned costume is barely holding on.


Nothing to do but indulge in caramel apples and push on to the finish (wink).

Happiest Halloween to y’all!


The Lazy Iguana said...

Too bad there is not any cranberry flavored Jello. Because then you could make cranberry vodka Jello shots!

It is easy. Follow the directions on the box, but substitute freezer cold vodka for cold water.

Also after you boil the water and add the Jello - let it cool for a bit so less alcohol evaporates out.

24 hours later - you have Jello shots! Easy as can be. It is a good excuse to bust out with the Stoli 100 proof for some extra kick.

Oh yea, orange Jello shots are not bad. Cherry Jello shots are OK, as are lime and pineapple and pretty much everything EXCEPT grape. Grape Jello shots are just not that good.

I am dressing up like a serial killer, because I am too lazy to get a real costume. They do look "like everyone else" after all. Spooky.

CP said...

Happy Halloweenie, ABB!!!


Anonymous said...

There is too cranberry flavored jell-o.... and now I have a new drink idea!

AOB said...

My husband baked chocolate chip cookies. yum

The CDM said...

I stole all the Snickers from sister's stash. She can give away the rest of the stuff to trick or treaters, but the Snickers, I don't see 'em making it past the front door.

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