Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy National Coming Out Day!

A bitch just got my groove on to Cheryl Lynn singing the hell out of Got to Be Real!

What you find-ah
What you feel now

What you know-ah
To be real!

What you find, ah(I think I love you, baby)
What you feel now(I feel I need you, baby)
What you know-ah
To be real!

Ooh, your love's for real now
You know that your love is my love
My love is your love
Our love is here to stay!


Mmmhmmm, that’s what a bitch is talking about!

Go forth and be as real as The Divine One created us all to be, y'all…

…and when you work it be sure to work it with rhythm, for the love of all that’s holy (wink)!


cripchick said...

happy national coming out day!

proudprogressive said...

Same to you my dear ! And by the way , I gotta say elitist , piecemeal compromising leaders such as the homophobic placaters within our own community are not our true leaders. Washington insiders. Sell outs. I have been following the ENDA stuff. on Americablog and Its been an upsetting heartbreak.

anyone who wants a short cut to the chase a great line by line synopsis and response A must see POST IS called Bus Stop on Dave Erenstein's Fablog. and for the love of all of blog roll, americablog - the propriator is not a unifyer - he is a sell out gay entitled white.(yeah go figure ) male. Don't get me wrong. I love my gay brothers, unless they would through ANY of us under pubic transportation.

But to save you the Pain of the fiasco, threads on A blog and they are toxic, seriously Fablog Dave E. has dissected his flawed thinking. quote by quote with his retort..its a classic i tell ya !

. No we will NOT leave the T out of any bill..and i loath it more when the dems..give us hope , then stab us in the back. Most of us know , once a group of people get left behind, politically nobody goes back to get them..political expediency practically ..please give this bitch a break a sell out is a sell out.

The ERA still has not been revisited for those of you who may not remember that proposed amendment..Equal Rights(pay) for women..not a peep on it so a .no we we don't go back apparently to gather up the left behind at some more convenient political time. .

My heart breaks for my TG friends who have always taken the brunt with our community and fought tooth and nail with us.

Hey in the eyes of fundies and some hets..we lgbt etc are all gender transgressors. To me this is no brainer. Remarkably the power elite would chop off a leg of our four legged table (movement) The discussions on the americablog threads have been absolutely sickening. The politics of oppression. The politics of exclusion and i got mine -hope you get yours..its regressive. anyhooo

my mind had been on other issues ie the war, child health care, other social issues..why are they bringing this ENDA bill up now..what is the political calculus?

WE lgbT are forever a political football..passed back and fourth between the one business party.

Had to get this off my chest. Got a post up to from a few days back called Gay Lib 101 a refresher course. And me i see all oppression as coming from the same core of people - the enfranchised. Soo happy Coming out day - i needed to come out about this issue. The dems are playing us , like the fundies only in sheeps clothing..(head explsion now) Me i would rather a stab in the heart vs one in the back - its just more honest.

Thanks Shark - fu for letting me share this here. Hit "Bus Stop" on fablog for all the crib notes. Dave a bunch of us a great service.

and yes be proud of who you are United we stand, divided we fall, and if we do not hang together we will surely hang seperately.

much love - PP

proudprogressive said...

oh * Paul the Spud, at Shakespeare's sister Shakesville, takes this spat on, off the bat in his post from last week called " Rights for me, but not for thy ?" (nice new haunt Shark - Fu)

also at Pams houseblend they been all over this from the git go.

*At the Blend many TG writers have very informative diaires. So for those of you following this - or wanting to follow some of this ENDA stuff, amidst..all the other world chaos and issues - These are also spots to catch up with this mess, if you want to.

But "Bus stop" at fablog has the offending attitudes quoted, for your edification as to why some of us are just astounded at ..the lack of love and unity. (among other things) Roy Cohn types abound in the dem party too,and in our own movement - very sad.

Maya's Granny said...

Happy coming out, and may everyone who does find welcome and love.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I wish everyone the strength, courage and wonderful feeling of freedom from all that binds us, to be able "to be real."

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