Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Did someone misplace an asshole?

Okay, so a bitch is sitting here…it’s about 2:20pm…and Christopher Hitchens’ rancid self is late for his interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation.

Tacky ass motherfucker, isn’t he?

Hell, the only reason I’m tuning in is to hear him talk about Thomas Paine…who Hitch is beyond unworthy to talk about and whose works are the inspiration for this bitch’s yet unfinished book (wince and make note to schedule more writing time).

Gawd, the man is more than 30 minutes late!


Just as I suspected.


Fuck it, the show’s probably better without him and his twisted thoughts on my beloved Common Sense.


I mean, Hitch has become predictable to the point of being boring and bitch could do without another round of him droning on about how ***insert person...in this case Paine*** is or isn’t brilliant because he was or wasn’t born vaginally.

Blink once again.

Now would be a good time to mention that our local NPR station…the fantabulous 90.7 KWMU…is in the midst of a pledge drive.

Three cheers for NPR!

Go forth and pledge…you probably just got paid (wink)…and if you miss Christopher Hitchens worry not because that man couldn’t break down Common Sense if his next snifter of Scotch depended on it.

Oh shit...they're chatting about the Jena Six case instead (logs off whilst thanking the radio schedule gods for this bounty of a topic change)...


Dandy said...

It really is a damn shame that a bitch has to listen to another asshole----and this particular one has the gumption to keep a bitch waiting----to talk about something a bitch already knows back and forth anyway! MAYBE WIDESTANCE CRAIG WOULD LIKE TO MEET THE 'COMING TO THE NPR INTERVIEW LATE' ASSHOLE..............

Anonymous said...

I once listened to Hitchens being interviewed and truly began to imagine that my eyes were
bleeding . . .

Dandy said...

When a bitch talks, I listen; a bitch mentioned the Jene 6, and I'm like, ok, where is the "news' on the story? Turns out Chairman John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee was holding a historic hearing that bought tears to this old man's eyes! C-Span televised it (I think), although I'm setting up at 3 am this morning viewing what is the first federal Jena 6 hearing, and historic in that a black man is holding court on some white folks dirty laundry and misdeeds in a southern town! Please check it out!

Dandy said...

Also, at 62 years of age I remember fighting for the day that my folks could get some redemption and justice! The Honorable John Conyers, from my hometown, held court on some motherfuckers asses.
Check out part 2, towards the end when Rep. Ellision (Conyers designated 'cleanup hitter') tells Bushes boy, the bootlickin', uncle tom, blackass motherfuckin' NEGRO where to get off. Ellison wipes the floor with the NEGRO................Please check it out. My mother, father, the generation that worked so damn hard before mine to get me to a point where I could get an education and know what to do to stay clear of jail (for the most part) would be just as proud of our elected leaders, Conyers, Waters, Ellison, Shiela Lee, et al as I KNOW all who view the hearings--black, white, brown, or yellow it doesn't matter---this what Martin was talking about!!!~~~


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