Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Female Trouble 2007 – The Enid Part II …

Longtime readers may recall the story of Enid and why she had to die.

Enid was the name I gave to my uterine fibroids. What? Doesn't everyone name their tumors (wink)? In 2001…with my approval and full support…my doctor murdered Enid during a three hour long surgery.


Trust a bitch…Enid had to die.

Anyhoo, I have always considered my Enid drama a blessing because it forced me to come to terms with my life and how I want to live it. But I knew that the odds of my fibroids returning were high and that I would have to deal with them again.


Well, a couple of months of severe pelvic pain followed by an exam last week confirmed that Enid - The Sequel is here. And with Enid Part II comes the rare joy of trying to get treatment for a gynecological condition approved through insurance.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck and shit!

ABB’s Female Trouble 2007 - The Enid Part II Rant…
I know that several presidential candidates have revealed their healthcare plans but so many of them are blessed with the congressional healthcare plan (think amazing coverage and unlimited options) that this bitch doubts they know what real healthcare drama is.

It was hard to find a gynecologist specializing in uterus-based drama who was able to see a bitch this year. It’s a challenge to find two…and I need a second opinion before I do anything medical.

A bitch isn’t trying to get pregnant…I don’t want to have a baby…I just need someone to tell me how best to kill Enid Part II dead and another someone to either agree or disagree with the recommended method!

Not everyone going to a gynecologist to treat fibroids is having a "fertility" problem! And why the hell am I being punished with the torture of proving that I’m not trying to sneak a fertility treatment by my insurance company? Can someone please tell these people that fibroids are a fucking beating all on their own and not just when a woman is trying to get pregnant?

And why the hell are these companies so nasty towards wanna-be mothers anyway?

Lawd give me strength.

I had to cuss out an insurance heifer this morning because she claimed a bitch didn’t get my “fertility treatments” approved ahead of time.


What treatments?

Since when was an exam and that ultrasound a "fertility treatment"? All we did was get a good look at the situation, for the love of all that's holy!


Anyhoo, I’m thrilled and so forth with all the talk about universal coverage…but that’s not the only reform that needs to be made. My heart goes out to those without insurance…but having insurance isn’t the cure to this industry’s illness.

This current system discourages good medicine. It is anti-patient and anti-doctor at the same time…mercy...and navigating through the world of insurance has become a business of its own.

I have a painful is making me sick…and I need to be able to find a way to get well again. I’ve been paying into this motherfucking insurance plan for years…don’t I deserve to have the council of trained specialists and the benefit of appropriate treatment? Should I have to go off on three people and threaten them just to get a medically requested ultrasound covered?

I guess so, because after that they backed off and agreed to pay for what they should pay for.


Good times.


And people wonder why I’m angry…


Unknown said...

They act like they are going you a favor giving you healthcare. I am one of the 50 million that doesn't have healthcare and sometimes..I think I am better off not having to deal with the assholes in the insurance industry who are trying to make a buck off sick people.

This is a good post ABB..goes with my theme at Sirens today!

Maya's Granny said...

My uncle died of prostrate cancer while he was waiting for his insurance to approve him seeing an oncologist -- and his primary care physician had diagnosed the cancer. We need an alternative.

Anonymous said...


So right, the system is anti-patient, anti-doctor, and pro-executive.

Feel for ya. Our son is on the autism spectrum and a lot of insurance companies won't pay for developmental delays. Bless their hearts, they could "do something for the children." But they won't.

Lisa Blah Blah said...

Ugh, don't get me started on healthcare. My employer switched carriers effective July 1 and we are fighting to get our current insurer to credit employees for deductibles already paid this calendar year. I am having a myomectomy for my own family of Enids in less than 3 weeks and have no idea yet how much my insurer will cover. I am sorry you are going through all this again with the fibroids -- and so soon after the first time! I feel your pain.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

This current system discourages good medicine. It is anti-patient and anti-doctor at the same time.


I recently had a spate of migraines that lasted for two weeks without pause. I could not get a doctor to prescribe me the painkillers that would have relieved them while I waited to see a neurologist either because they were all afraid of malpractice suits.


As for Enid II: she doesn't know who she's dealing with, does she? Bet she's gonna be sorry.

Anonymous said...

Shark Fu, people here in the UK are forever complaining about the State health service. It's not perfect, that's for sure: e.g. some very expensive medicines are simply not available on the NHS (National Health Service) and there can be a long wait to see a specialist. Personally, having lived in a country with no NHS (Zimbabwe), I'm very aware of how fortunate we are. I have Crohn's Disease, my husband has osteoarthritis and two of our three children are autistic, none of which we anticipated when we started dating. The children both have speech and occupational therapy and see a paediatrician regularly. My husband has regular (if infrequent) physiotherapy. God knows how we'd cope if we lived in the US. (Following on from your comments, even fertility treatment is free on the NHS up to a point!)

Just wanted to add: I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

"The system" also has had a "hystory" of being anti-woman. I can remember not too long ago in the 1980s when not all insurance companies would cover birth control pills; yet, now ED pills are covered without even a fight.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I can't get my company insurance to cover the removal of a cyst from my jaw. . . they claim it's dental surgery and they won't cover dental for retirees. An MD oral surgeon tells me if I don't get it removed (a $3000 treatment) I'll end up losing half my jaw bone.
We're thinking "class action."

Anonymous said...

The nightmares continue. This is exactly Micheal Moore's point. Those who are "insured" are almost as bad off oas those who are not. INSANE! Does nothing bad ever happen to these insurance people? How is it that they do not understand the suffering and straine that their policies cause. And why do we have to beg for stuff for which we have already paid? What they hell? I am so angry right now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, getting health care in this country, even if insured, often requires some hellacious bitchitude. And remember, the ones doing the denials have high school educations.

FWIW, fibroids can cause severe anemia, as in, how can anyone walk with a hemoglobin level that low? The fertility thing is mostly bullshit, because that is low down on the list of reasons that people get myomectomies and hysterectomies. Most to least frequent: Bleeding, then pain or discomfort (the really large ones can make a uterus be the size of a uterus containing a term baby, ie, pressing on bladder and on diaphragm), then fertility problem, then rapid growth (rule out cancer).


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. Have you considered nonsurgical options such as uterine fibroid embolization or focused ultrasound. Just google them both for more information.


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