Thursday, December 14, 2006

Self correction and order creation...

A bitch needs to do a wee bit of self correction.

I have been stressing out over random shit...and second guessing myself about shit I really have no business second guessing myself about.

Oh, and my recent neglect of Ms SisterGirl Cabrio has come back to haunt me. That car told me to fuck off this morning when her battery went dead as a motherfucker.

Is there no loyalty?


And to top it off, this bitch has gotten behind on my holiday preparedness as a result of all the stressfulness and car avoidance.

Heaven to hell and back again!

This shit stops now.

A bitch is pausing today to indulge in some inner-bitch correction and serious order creation.

Toodles until tomorrow...


GayProf said...

Cabrios can betray? No, I won't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Close you eyes.
Deep breath. Hold.
Deep breath. Hold.
One more.

Peace, Sister. We'll all get through this together.

CP said...

Happy Channukah, ABB.

Wanted to give you a reason to celebrate.

Love, your favorite Jew Princess...


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