Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A bun in the oven...

A certain Mary Cheney and her partner Heather Poe are expecting their first child.

Congratulations to Mary and Heather...

...and their lawyers, who will be called in to rustle up some parental rights for Heather since Mary's Republican peeps don't wanna hear nothin about lesbians birthin no babies!

As for Janice Crouse of the anti-reality Concerned Women for America who called Mary Cheney's pregnancy "inconscionable"...tisk followed by task!

A bitch is....well, concerned by the anti-family message Ms. Crouse is sending out to the young people (wink).

Lawd, a bitch loves it when policy smacks up against the ass of reality...


JLawJ said...

Not relevant to the Mary Cheney-Pat ??? baby, but I thought you'd want to see THIS:

I don't have time for commentary right now - I'm about to get outside and catch a bus to get a bitch home, but maybe we can chat about it tomorrow? Ugh. Maybe not: the actual test is tomorrow and I need to quit playin' and

feel free to email:

ChristopherM said...

This fag would congratulate Aunt Mary, but he's still bitter that he can't afford to be like Aunt Mary calling the lawyers over to her cabin to get a few legal protections. He's also bitter that Aunt Mary was paid six figures by her daddy to help keep those rights from being conferred to the rest of us. But that's okay...Aunt Mary's trechery has inspired me to try and set up a domestic partner paperwork clinic next year for my law school public service project so that families that can't afford legal protection can get taken care of until we're rid of the Aunt Mary's of this world.

Anonymous said...

...a baby is 'inconscionable', as in unreasonable, unscrupulous, excessive?

Amazing how even wanting to bring a new life in the world can be twisted into being something ugly as soon as it's view through the 'homosexual agenda' viewpoint.

Isn't she pro-life?


ben said...


Is that even a word? I hope for the sake of the kid, they move out of Virgina, which for the not for lovers.

Melissa McEwan said...

...and their lawyers



Me. Here. Right now. said...

Mary (2000): Heather and I want to start a family Daddy, she's not getting any younger.
Dick (2000): No way--you'll destroy the very foundation of the Party. I'll give you a good job though, that will keep you busy, don't worry your pretty little head.
Mary (2000): Okay Daddy.
Mary (2006): Heather said either we get pregnant now or she's leaving Daddy--Daddy, I want my Heather.
Dick (2006): Well, honey, I think now's a good time--Dubya's numbers are irretrievably in the tank, the economy is teetering, we lost the elections, and Rove has been moved to a tiny, windowless office somewhere deep in the bowels of the West Wing--and, they've taped his mouth shut. So, go ahead.
Mary (2006): Gee, thanks Daddy!

Anonymous said...

I hope Mary & Heather have a healthy, all in one piece with all the fingers & toes baby.

All of the media attention is ridiculous like Mary Cheney is the ONLY PREGNANT WOMAN ON THE DAMN PLANET.

Leave the crap behind.....looks like the only thing people are doing on both sides is feeding the wrong wolf.

GayProf said...

When I think of Mary Cheney, I really think of a warm, loving, maternal type figure.

Good luck, Baby-Cheney, you are going to need it.

Champagne on Tuesdays said...

"...and their lawyers, who will be called in to rustle up some parental rights for Heather since Mary's Republican peeps don't wanna hear nothin about lesbians birthin no babies!"

That is simply classic. LOL

Anonymous said...

I wonder who Baby Cheney's godparents will be. Maybe Rick Santorum or James Dobson. That's a baptism I want to see.

MartiniCocoa said...

isn't it crazy how well Mary Cheney can live in denial about her family and its politics?

I hope this baby gives Miss Mary the wake up call she needs.


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