Monday, December 11, 2006

Craving Tang While Writing Blog Post = (CTWWBP)...

I was slightly illish this weekend and took to my bed Saturday, but I did rally for Brother Rob Thurman’s fantabulous cookie decorating party…and trust that a bitch was glad I did!

Re-cap - Cookie Party’s Fantastical Festitude…
A yummified vodka-based punch so good this bitch wanted to smack somebody (thanks to the Play Husband for the brew)…festive holiday music and a properly faux tree-based tribute to the season’s pagan origins, which was constructed and decorated by none other than Brother Rob…hours of Master Level Bitchitude (rated M for Mature)…and all the sugar-based frosting a bitch could take!

Happy, happy, happy and joy followed by joy and then another joy!

Moving forward…

This news item caught my attention this morning. It seems that there is an IM gap between grown folks and teens.

Confession - a bitch can’t get into the whole IM thing and has decided that, like baby-doll dresses, it may not be this bitch’s cup of tea (wink).


Teens not understanding grown folks and grown folks not understanding teens is as predictable as bullshit, but the “teens can’t imagine living without instant messaging” part did grab a bitch’s attention.

Oh, to be young and in heat over the current newish thing again!

ABB's moment of fond remembrance…
This bitch couldn’t imagine life without Tang…Pop-Rocks…remote control, Atari and Mandarin Orange Slice…mmmmm, Slice…ummm, oh…Commodore 64 computers, tape cassettes, my Walk-Man, clear mascara and roller skates.


Anyhoo, this bitch is certain that English will survive the IM-ification of youth-based communication.

Fuck it, modern English is just old as hell slang anyway.

What concerns me more than the current adoration of messaging is the fact that people don’t talk anymore.

Have you noticed it too?

Last night I attended a party with grown folks who sat around and talked…and it felt new to me, like Corn Flakes when you haven’t had them in forever and a day.

Wait, there’s more!

Brother Rob told me about the party face to face…human to human…using full sentences!

Mmhmm, for real.

Whilst frosting one of my signature afro snowperson cookies (wink), I even overhead one guest tell another guest that she had spoken to…spoken to, children! and so and that she would be arriving late.

No frantically messaged abbreviations were sent and, Lawd have mercy, so and so managed to walk in the door a little bit late as had been related.


I left having shared, listened and laughed...if that’s old school then a bitch is staying old school for life.


Or at least until I figure out how to view messages on my phone (which is a complete pain in the ass, for the record) and by then the next newish “I can’t imagine life without it” thing will have debuted to torture grown folks and make teens feel precious.

Meanwhile, a bitch is left with a multitudes of unread messages and a bizarre craving for Tang flavored Pop Rocks…


Anonymous said...

I was also illish this weekend, but rallied to make gingerbread mini muffins.

I think we are much of a muchness: Tang and Pop Rocks, yum. The tapes, Walkman, and roller skates I've held on to.

Anonymous said...

on Mythbusters, they proved that it's impossible to explode your stomach with the Pop Rocks/Soda combination. so that's pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

omg, slice! that was sooo good.

and roller skates. yah, i remember having a birthday at a roller rink...those were the days!

Clio Bluestocking said...

" Walk-Man, clear mascara and roller skates." I hear you! Old school roller skates, with the lace up boots and toe brakes!

Yankee, Transferred said...

I come over here for the laughs and head nods.
(slinks back to lurking)

Camera Obscura said...

Hmmm, Tang... I must see if I can dig up my mom's recipe for "spiced tea" which was a mixture of mostly instant tea, Tang, and lemonade mix. There were a few actual spices in it in small amounts, too. Very yummy on a cold wet day.

JustMe, my daughter went to a roller skating birthday party just a few weeks ago! She goggled at me when I told her that was where all Junior High kids spent their Friday nights when I was her age.

Maven said...

Technology is a good thing and a bad thing all rolled into one.

Nothing worse than going to a party, a big, formal retirement party and have a co-worker be photographed on her cell phone. And no, sadly no, she is not a heart surgeon, nor the Commander-in-Chief. Just another co-dependent person who just cannot turn the damned thing off for a few scant hours.

IM, email, cell phones, camera phones,iPods, all new and wonderful ways of keeping in touch and/or be entertained... and all new ways to continue to alienate folks, face-to-face.

Maven said...

PS: I was more fond of watermelon flavored POP Rocks, myself *wink*!

Hammer said...

ABB-look up the Dutch word "gezellig" on Wikipedia or some such nonsense.

It basically describes the ideal atmosphere: good friends, good music, good lighting and good conversation. There is, I believe a Gezellig bar or club on the west coast (or something) promoting this Dutch concept. That's what we should be doing. Spreading gezilligheid. Conversation. Time for friends, music, laughter and conversation. Spending time together. We don't do that here. Even the holidays are rushed, ' shop, deliver gifts, eat and leave.' No intimacy. Ugh.

Anyway, that is "finishing PhD in Amsterdam" reason #324756. You'll have to come visit for some Gezelligheid!


Anonymous said...

Have you had the orange-orange flavor of Glace Vitamin Water? Tastes just like Tang. I almost cried a little the first time I tried it. Tang...already mixed for me, with no powder sticking to the sides and bottom 'cause Mom didn't mix it enough! Yay!

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