Friday, November 11, 2005

By request…a bitch’s world at a glance…

A bitch spends lots of time worrying. My ass worries about my family, my brother and sister, my canine companions (Betsey the sorta-beagle sprained her ankle last night and Sweetie still has the itches, though her leg seems to be better). A bitch worries about the war – my friend’s son is serving in Iraq and my ass has been afraid to call for fear of bad news. A bitch worries about education and violence in our schools. This bitch frets about the residents of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and the rebuilding of the Gulf region.

A bitch sometimes gets so caught up in worry that all my ass wants to do is curl up and close it all out.

And then this bitch gets up, drinks my coffee and takes on the world. Thank GAWD for bitchfirmations!

A bitch’s brother Bill is…well, he’s Bill. He’s autistic, frenzied, irritable because of recent changes and forever searching for French fries. My ass wakes up everyday amazed at the man my brother is. He’s complex, loving, moody and temperamental. We are still searching for a volunteer placement…hopefully we’ll have him set up by the end of the year. He’s an amazing worker and my ass knows that some non-profit will benefit from his obsessive cleanliness and adoration or order!

A bitch’s sister is, as always, my rock. My ass has never understood folks who aren’t close to their siblings…my sister is beyond a friend and a bitch is blessed to have her. Yeah…my sister is amazing (don’t let that get to your head, C-Money!).

A bitch is struggling with my mentor relationship. My mentee is doing poorly in school and she has been involved in several fights that have resulted in suspension. Her world is unstable and my ass hasn’t found a way to show her the unlimited potential this bitch sees in her. A bitch can’t change her world…that she is poor, that her mother is depressed and apathetic towards life, that she lives in a violent neighborhood and that she attends an under funded school. What my ass can do is stick…like glue. My prayer to the Devine One is that a bitch be granted endurance…and the right words at the right time.

As we move into the holiday season a bitch’s family is preparing to feast. The holidays are hard, because they remind me of who isn’t there and why. But my ass celebrates this year…we are making it and we have a lot to be thankful for!

So, that’s a bitch’s life at a glance. Not much else, except my ongoing work on my book. A bitch is putting together a selection of essays…it’s moving fast, because my ass has a lot of pent up bitchitude to get out!

Anyway, this bitch is optimistic in spite of all of my worries.

My ass believes still believes in a place called hope…


Maureen O'Danu said...

This Feisty Irish Chick suggests A Black Bitch picks up Ghosts from the Nursery by Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S. Wiley. It's essentially how a combination of environmental and genetic and pre-birth factors can cause a pattern of violence in children that is almost impossible to break.

In the very first chapter, it asserts (and supports) that one rock solid steady person in the formative years that truly cares, supports, and listens can make the difference between making it and falling through the cracks.

Great job, ABB.

Maven said...

You never cease to amaze me, not only with your astute observations on life (as well as assholes!), but also your capacity for LOVE. Your mentee is lucky to have you in her life. Don't be daunted. Just like (a hands-on) parent, you cannot simply give her a better life; however, your presence allows her to grow into the life she is meant to have.

bold as love said...

We are in the middle of a world war- WW4 to be exact. WWW3 was the cold war, you know the one Liberals denied or simply said we would never win.

Bush's base went against him on one issue, the Miers nomination- we don't like his spending but we do understand that sometimes to go right you have to take three left turns, there is nothing to shore up as far as we are concerned.

Talk to some conservatives every now and then- the Media is feeding mis-information purposly- to shore up a weak Democrat base. This Scooter as you call him has turned the tables on Democrats at every turn-inspite of the declaration by Liberals that he is so fuckin' stupid. How's it feel to be out smarted by a stupid man is what I keep asking over and over.

The mission has never changed- topple Saddam, stabilize Iraq- the fact that terrorists are streaming to Iraq from all over the globe is a good thing- it is becoming their graveyard.

Also I don't give a rats-ass if the rest of the world did not want to hold Saddam to the U.N. resolutions he was in violation of, and they can sit at home in thier lving rooms while we do this job, besides Do you really want to make decisions about our National security based on what the rest of the world thinks- especially when the rest of the world didn't have the military muscle, nor the desire to do shit about Saddam, and to top it off were willing to appease him.

Before I end this let me say this- where is all the arguing among the muslims about Al Queda and it's goals, until Jordan got popped you didn't hear a peep, and you won't see Jordan do much more than what they did before the bombings.Why , because moderate Muslims are virtual hostages themselves- ask Anwar Sadat- oh, he's dead, slain because he reached out to infidels.


Shark-Fu said... seems that someone, at 2 in the morning no less, was peeved by a bitch's post!

A bitch sincerely hopes you get some sleep Lovely Bold person! 2 in the motherfucking morning...shit...that's one dedicated conservative...

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