Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A quick coffee break Stand Your Ground quizzical…

I’m working a deadline so this is going to be quick.

Regarding the curious leak of information to the press from “unnamed sources” that Trayvon Martin was suspended for having an empty pot baggie on his person - if everyone who smokes or has smoked pot…or who got in trouble at school for something related to pot…mmmhmm, if that population disappeared from the face of the Earth it would make those desolate scenes from Life After People look like a documentary.

And damn it if I didn’t just lose a bet that it would take more than a month for Zimmerman's minions to launch the But He Looked Like a Man & Acted Like A Thug defense.


I’m taking a break from the article I’m working on to explore a quizzical inspired by the latest excuses for killing a black teen coming out of Team Zimmerman.

They are now saying that Trayvon aggressed on Zimmerman and that was why he (Zimmerman) drew a gun and then the two fought so maybe Trayvon shot himself.

Pause…allow scent of bullshit to waft about and crowd of flies to gather…continue.

On one hand this new tale probably fits the evidence better than Zimmerman’s original story.

On the other hand…it kind of sounds like Trayvon Martin…wait for it…stood his ground.

Think about it.

A creepy and “suspicious” looking large white man was following him in a vehicle…the dude was driving slow and looked “up to no good”…he was taking on his phone but looking at Trayvon, so it looked like some weird ass shit was about to go on and (let’s toss in a quick racial profile, shall we?) and everyone knows that white men of a certain age are more likely to be serial killers…then the guy got out of the car and started stalking Trayvon on foot.

Did Trayvon stand his ground…defend himself against what had to look like a potential sexual assault or physical assault from a guy who looks white and thus more likely to indulge in that kind of shit against a black man in “that kind of neighborhood?”

Tis so confusing because right now Stand Your Ground is protecting George Zimmerman from arrest, but it looks like Trayvon Martin was the one who stood his ground.

Given the outcome, Trayvon was right to do so.

I hope he did…I hope that young man fought like hell to live.

But it is Zimmerman who is alive.

So, why doesn’t Stand Your Ground protect Trayvon Martin and demand the arrest of Zimmerman?

Because Stand Your Ground is a law that protects someone who KILLS someone else and then explains that murder to the police by claiming that they (the murderer) thought the other person (the murdered) was going to do them in first.

There is only one man left standing.

Only one murderer for this modern day lynch law to protect.

We’re left with a gaggle of serious faced journalists speaking in their concerned voice… all searching for a path that leads back to the safest space in America - where “blackness” is accepted by the masses as a threatening state of existence that naturally invites suspicion, physical and/or verbal aggression…and certainly invites the kind of obsessive scrutiny that logically ends in violence followed by claims of self defense.



Unknown said...

Damn! Thank you for blowing my mind on this.

fak3r said...

Great observation - someone is following you in a car at night, anyone would be threatened by that and they'd certainly look like they're up to no good, especially if you're just minding your own business. Of course Trayvon was minding his own business, but made the mistake of being black, and wearing his hoodie... (rolls eyes) so the best analysis we'll hear from the "media" is Geraldo's the "hoodie (was) as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as much as George Zimmerman was" thought process.

Can someone photoshop the hoodie on the witness stand for me? Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Ah, but no. You see, it's only standing your ground if you use the sacred Stand Your Ground weapon: the gun. We all know that innocent people must own guns to protect themselves, right? The NRA tells us so. If you don't have a gun, you're just a sitting duck. Defend yourself without a gun? Well, that's just crazy. No one could or would try to do that. So if Martin got in a few licks on Zimmerman, then obviously he must have been aggressing and not defending. If Martin's intent had been to defend himself, he would have been packing heat.

So let's say he had been. Zimmerman calls in a report of a "suspicious" person (a young black male in his gated community -- très suspicious). Zimmerman then proceeds to stalk Martin down and confront him. They both draw their guns, but Martin's shot fires true. I'm sure it'd be the same thing, right? Surely the police wouldn't have arrested Martin under those circumstances, right? They would unquestioningly accept his claim of self defense, right? No? Ya think?

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