Friday, March 02, 2012

A pondering of a recent political ad…

Happy Friday, y’all!

I just saw a political ad for a certain Dave Spence who is running for Governor here in Missouri.

Spence is trying to get his name out there so folks know who the hell he is if he wins the GOP nomination to challenge Gov. Nixon.

I get that.

I understand…I really do!

But…well, Spence’s ad made my Afro hurt.

The Spence ad focused on how he would make it rain jobs in Missouri.

But news just broke that unemployment in Missouri has hit a 3-year low. As a matter of fact, Gov. Nixon has been all over the media talking about that shit.

Do I think 7.2% unemployment is ideal?


But daaaamn, Spence – only a fool runs ads about how voters need to choose the person who can deal with unemployment in the midst of a news shower about how the current Governor presides over a 3 year-low for that shit.

Plus, I couldn't help wondering why we need to elect his ass if he's a magical job creator - shouldn't we leave him to it?

The ad wrapped up with a random as hell and totally out of nowhere statement about how we don’t need to increase taxes.

What the fuck?

Does Dave Spence live in Missouri?

Ain’t no body raising taxes here, son!

Hell, just look at the budget cuts under the dome – they’re cutting bone in Jefferson City. Clearly the Spence campaign thinks dusting off Republican talking points from the early '80s is the path to victory.

***rolls eyes***

Catch that knee, y’all!  

I’m not a fan of conservative politicians or looking for a reason to support this Spence character. 

I just hate to see fucked up from the floor up ads this early in the season. At this rate, Spence will be running Demon Sheep ads in May.

My Afro can only take so much!


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Peterr said...

My Afro can only take so much!


I have visions of Denzel at the beginning of "Malcolm X", after getting his head burned with the lye straightener, running around in pain . . .

It's going to be a looooonnnngggg election season here in Missouri.

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