Wednesday, March 07, 2012

And the beat goes on…

Confession – I watched my Blues beat the Blackhawks last night…instead of watching the Super Tuesday primary returns.


Hockey vs. Super Tuesday primary returns is no contest, y’all.

Anyhoo, shall we?

I was able to stay on top of yesterday's not so super Super Tuesday results through the magic of Twitter.

Mitt Romney – Ohio*, Alaska, Idaho, Vermont, Virginia, and Massachusetts

Rick Santorum – North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee

Newt Gingrich – Georgia

* I’m hearing a lot of conflicting information about Ohio, ongoing frenzified counting, and a possible automatic recount.

The take away for Romney…

Romney is in the delegate lead.

He'll probably be the nominee.

But this shit is heading south to states where Romney isn’t likely to get any love from the GOP.

The take away for Santorum…

Romney didn’t close the deal.

And this shit is heading south to states where Santorum may be able to steal away enough delegates to hold Romney's nomination of and set up a convention fight.

The take away for Gingrich…

There’s no place like home...and Santorum would like him to unpack and stay there.

The take away for the masses…

The GOP is having an identity crisis…big time. 

Romney may be winning the delegate math…

…but he’s running for the nomination of a party that thinks math is a tool of the devil.


***logs off to give offering to the gods of blog content in gratitude***

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SL Meyer said...

"…but he’s running for the nomination of a party that thinks math is a tool of the devil." Math is only a tool of the devil if un-approved, unvetted and uppity don't-know-their-place poor folks and any people of color use it. It's the Divine Inspiration, Holy Grail and Excaliber all rolled into one for the GOP when it comes to slashing budgets and the disenfranchising of those people.

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