Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Let’s jump right on in!

A certain Rick Santorum scored wins in both the Alabama and Mississippi primaries yesterday. 

Newt Gingrich came in 2nd in both of those primaries.

And Mitt Romney won the primaries in Hawaii and American Samoa.

In other words, this shit is far from over.

Santorum’s wins send a clear message that evangelicals are not lovin on Mitt Romney. 

But Gingrich’s strong 2nd place showing also sends a message – evangelicals want to date other people some more before they commit to Santorum.

Santorum knows this…that’s why he and his minions are demanding Gingrich step aside.

Gingrich knows this too…that’s why he and his minions are telling Santorum’s people to shove it and desperately trying to raise some money to keep going.

Although Mitt lost the gritmus test, his campaign can take comfort in the fact that he kind of nullified those delegate losses with those wins in Hawaii and American Samoa.

As a matter of fact the delegate math still favors Romney.

Pause…sip coffee and ponder…continue.

I wonder if this delegate math problem is another reason why Santorum is against college education.


Seriously, not only does college encourage young people to think for themselves and question shit (gasp)…it also continues teaching them that math is real thing when right now Santorum needs likely GOP primary voters to believe that math is a tool that the liberal elite uses to get their snob on.

Anyhoo, even primary voters in Mississippi and Alabama conceded that Mitt Romney is the more electable candidate in a general election.  They just want him to be more conservative and that means that Mitt Romney has to start saying some outrageous shit that will make him look more attractive to those wretched social conservatives.

This’ll be a delicate balancing act and…well, Mitt isn’t known for his smooth talking.

Here’s a fresh sample of Mitt trying to turn those voters on.

And I just saw his primary ad here in Missouri where he’s attacking Santorum for his Senate votes in favor of funding of Planned Parenthood.

Voting to fund reproductive health care really shouldn't be baggage...but for those attempting to seduce the GOP base it is. And that "baggage" wouldn’t be burdensome if that base wasn’t conditioned to expect regular feedings of attacks on women’s reproductive rights in exchange for their vote.

Going after Planned Parenthood may help Romney wrap up the GOP nomination…and that’s still a solid “may”.

But in the general election…where the electorate includes the 98 percent of women who have used birth control in their lifetime and also includes the 1 in 5 women who has chosen Planned Parenthood as a health care provider at least once in her lifetime…well, those comments will be hard to spin as moderate or mainstream or (wait for it) presidential.

All of this has me thinking about chickens and how they come home to roost.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Romney is keeping his temper-this campaign is not as rewarding as firing people. I doubt he has ever had to spend this much time with the 99% this long in his life. (Even though this segment of the 99% are republicans)

K. Clark said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Mitt lowered himself enter the gutter, if only knee deep, to get some conservative votes.

Unknown said...

Always Brilliant !

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that this guy thinks he has that much power to tell women what to do with their bodies in terms of parent-hood. After all, didn't he have a mother, come from the womb of one? Really, silliest EGG whoops chicken in the egg basket

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