Monday, March 26, 2012

Pondering due process...

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Got it?


Shall we?

A story on Politico has the following headline – Gov. Rick Scott: Give George Zimmerman ‘due process’

My response – I can’t.

If I wanted to be an overly specific ass about it, I’d ponder the fact that I’m not the state and thus do not hold the power of the law of the land so how can I be the one needing to “balance” that shit against the rights of the individual?

Fuck it.

I’m not a lawyer…and that’s the kind of specificity that works a nerve and gets us nowhere fast.

Having said that…I can’t give George Zimmerman “due process” because this case is FUBAR.

Zimmerman was never arrested…so all the evidence collection associated with arrest didn't happen. One may think that works against Zimmerman…but in reality the lack of [insert evidence here] allows him to allege all kinds of shit that the state of Florida will have no way of refuting.

And the police who arrived at the scene have a stake in taking Zimmerman’s side too, so their testimony isn’t good as gold either.

Zimmerman now has his minions and lawyer out and about saying exactly what needs to be said to lay the foundation for a Stand Your Ground Law defense in Florida.

His official black friend was on Good Morning America saying that he’s not sure Zimmerman even pulled the trigger.

And guess what – there is no evidence, no nifty police CSI stuff to prove otherwise…and check yourself if you think for one second that the body of the victim will explain all.


I expect Stand Your Ground to do what the law was set up to do.

It has already accomplished so much.

The law enabled a man to shoot an unarmed teen and avoid arrest.

Because Zimmerman wasn’t arrested, much of the evidence needed to challenge his claim of self-defense probably was not collected.

The burden of proof is still on the state…so the lack of evidence is Florida’s problem.

Thus Stand Your Ground is a legislative dream, y’all!

Victims aren’t alive to offer alternative testimony, the police can’t arrest and thus can’t question or take pictures of the assailant, and then the accused can turn around and spin their testimony after the fact to fit the parameters of the law thus making prosecution hard as hell.

Some have said that the murder of Trayvon Martin may be our generation’s "Emmett Till moment".

But folks forget that Money, Mississippi gave the world a show trail before an all white jury acquitted two white men of killing young Till.

Stand Your Ground would have made that trial unnecessary and saved those bigots the time and energy it took to publicly thumb their noses at justice.

And in the end…once the case was over and double jeopardy was in effect…the two men who killed Emmett Till actually admitted that they murdered him.

Stand Your Ground discourages that kind of honesty because it prevents the trial in the first place.

I expect the Stand Your Ground to do what it was designed to do…enable vigilante violence, create a culture of fear among people most likely to be viewed as suspects, and absolve the system of responsibility when bullets start flying.

Like Jim Crow…on steroids.

And due process got laid off when that shit was signed into law.



Imogen Quest said...

I hope that this isn't an inappropriate venue for this, but I read last night about the arrest and death of Anna Brown in St. Louis, and immediately wondered What Shark-Fu Would Say.
Is this country broken, or is it doing exactly what it's built to do? Either way, it's horrible.

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like we need to start cancelling those Florida vacations...Surely we can find some other place to spend our money. Why would you want to visit a place where murders are legal?

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing. Lying, hypocritical politicians are such disgusting people. I think we know how "due process" works in this country. Did Trayvon get any stinking "due process"?

Anonymous said...

Hi ABB - I love your tude. Did you know that it is not illegal to use a different first name? I am talking about "Frank" Taffe of Sanford, FL. I don't believe Frank is his real first name and I do believe he is somehow related to Dick Zimmerman. Also, has any doctor come forward anywhere to state the Dick's broken nose was treated? I do believe the entire state of Florida has old, lazy, cops, judges, and politicians, and they are probably getting pensions from other states, too, so they have no reasons to do any of their duties even if they attempted to do their duties. As I know there is a God, and he works in mysterious ways, the Dick will get the attention he has always been seeking and Taffe will go down with him, and the police will go down with them. Trayvon is watching all of us now. We need to stay strong, stay together in this fight (it probably won't be the last before major policing procedures change)and we need to show each other a little bit more love everyday. thank you ABB for giving me an outlet - Sincerely, AWB

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