Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And now they’re arguing about grits…

Merciful heaven.

Shall we?

Good Morning America just ran a quick segment covering today’s primaries in the south…and it was amusing as hell!

The reporter was making the point that the GOP candidates are…well, getting gritty.

First there was video of Romney at a campaign stop indulging in one of his bizarre list-offs of shit he likes that he hopes voters in the crowd will like so they’ll vote for him.

So awkward.

Anyhoo, there’s Romney saying he’s learning to say y’all…. "hi, y’all!”…and he likes grits… “cheesy grits and biscuits, y’all!”


I can’t decide if these incidents are signs that Romney is so starched that this is what he acts like when they try to loosen him up…or that his staff despises him and has already reached the “fine, motherfucker…go ‘head and do what you’re going to do…ass.” stage of the campaign.

“I figure if you don't understand grits there's a pretty high likelihood that you don't understand the rest of the south.”

My grit-based analysis - This was a daring move since Gingrich is from Georgia and you know and I know that you know that I know that Georgia does grits one way and [insert southern state here] does them a different way.

This grit litmus test…a gritmus test?..is just another example of Newt’s reckless campaign style. He could have just let Mitt verbally out himself as completely clueless about all things southern…but no, Newt had to be all pompous about it. 

He’s lucky that no one in the herd of reporters forced to follow him really thinks he has a chance in hell, or he’d be facing a tons of questions about how he likes his grits and whether he thinks cheesy is wrong or adding sugar is disgusting (gasp).

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

I have no idea what the results will be today and I’m willing to bet they won’t force anyone still in this race to limp to the sidelines (that’d be too much like right).

But I do know that this has been a kick ass moment in history - 2012 is now the year grits became a serious conservative campaign issue in America.



brian said...

Let's keep it real. My grits? Buttered and slightly salty.

Rileysdtr said...

Smoked cheddar cheese grits with lardons and chives stirred in, topped with blackened shrimp. Why yes, I did cook in the South for a while...

Lori S. said...

I like grits, but I'm never going to vote Republican. I know which side my grits is buttered on, so to speak.

the bewilderness said...

They spent an inordinate amount of time on grits when the Huckabee and the big dog ran for preznit, too. I concluded that how to say and spell y'all and grits were prolly the only safe topics of conversation in the South when in front of reporters.

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