Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A mid-week pondering of the MO GOP Caucus…

Let’s do this!

Yesterday, the state of Illinois held a primary and awarded a majority of GOP delegates to Mitt Romney.

My home state of Missouri has already had our Beauty Pageant primary.

It cost Missouri $7 million dollars and resolved nothing because the GOP somehow managed to green light a Primary and a Caucus with only the Caucus empowered to reward delegates.

These MO GOPers are fond of saying, “tax and spend Dems”…mayhap we should call them "fuck up and spend Republicans"?

Pause…mutter bitterly about how the same fools who cut programs serving the blind then gleefully spend $7 million dollars on a bullshit primary…continue.

It gets better.

Missouri is now in the midst of the second half of the GOP’s public display of disorganization – a caucus set up to accomplish what the $7 million dollar primary didn’t do…yep, you guessed it - award delegates.

After blowing $7 million on nothing, one would think that these fools would have their act together and put on the caucus of the century.

Think again.

Are you sitting down?


Well, shit…tis true!

Some areas of the state caucused last weekend…but there was all kinds of drama, the police were called, and St. Charles county folk didn’t even get their work done.

For real.


St. Charles County didn’t finish and they have a ton of delegates to dish out.

St. Louis city will caucus this upcoming weekend and who the hell knows what will come of it.


A fact - these fools couldn’t find their ass with both hands if they had a map.

A realization - now that the race for the GOP nomination has become something like an actual race, this public display of political chaos may actually matter in deciding the GOP nominee…oh, fuck it…who am I kidding?

A wish…if only a majority of Missouri voters were paying attention to this public display of chaos and then voted accordingly.


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