Saturday, August 21, 2010

More on why a bitch is in Alaska…

Hi y’all!

My ass is in beautiful Anchorage Alaska to volunteer with the Alaskans Against Government Mandates No on 2 Campaign.

Ballot Measure 2 is an intrusive new government mandate that puts bureaucrats and the courts right in the middle of Alaska's families.  It would establish a parental notification law…and when the government attempts to mandate parental communication teens are put at risk.

Alaskans will head to the polls Tuesday August 24 to vote and we sincerely hope they vote NO on 2!

I know a little something about parental notification laws…we’ve got ‘em in the Midwest.

I volunteer at several shelters for teen mothers in St. Louis city and one of the first things I noticed was that some of the residents have fantabulous relationships with their parents and some have not so fantabulous relationships with their parents.

For a bunch of my students at the shelters, they were get kicked out of their homes even as they face an unwanted pregnancy they did not have the legal right to make reproductive health care choices about.

We don’t need government planting itself in the middle of our family business.

For more information about why folks need to vote NO on Ballot Measure 2, click here.

And if you live in Alaska, vote this August 24th…and vote NO on 2!

p.s. – I’ll try to take pictures of the mountains…they are AMAZING!!


CR said...

Good for you.

If you can spare the time, I recommend a trip to Seward and a boat trip around the Kenai Peninsula. Even the drive down to Seward is exhilarating. I stopped about three times to get out and look around, and then I realized it would have taken two years to reach Seward at that rate.

Miss Trudy said...

Good luck, SHark Fu!

Mark L said...

Ew. Parental consent laws for THAT? How ridiculous. I am well aware that peoples' relationships with their parents vary, and what if a young girl was raped by the very same relative/guardian she had to get consent from? I'm sure it does happen. You keep on fighting the good fight against that shit, Shark-fu. I'm so proud of you.

Anchorage is beautiful? I'm glad you like the scenery. I've always wanted to visit Alaska. Let me know what it was like.

P.S. IF you should encounter Sarah Palin, please feel free to put out a hit on her. I'm just saying.. but make it look inconspicuous so that the right-wing can't use her ass as a martyr. LOL

berdawn said...

Safe travels!

Shark-Fu said...

Now, now, Mark L. - you know The Man reads this bitch's blog!

Plus, a bitch is's a daily struggle, but still the goal (wink).

No hits, obvious or otherwise, on Ms. Palin.

Should I see her I will simply give her a good dose of bitchitude!
Translation for The Man currently reading a bitch's blog - I'll tell her about herself and the wrongness of her ways.


p.s. we are surrounded by mountains covered in mist and a HUGE sky...beautiful.

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