Wednesday, August 11, 2010

By request, anger versus rage and practicing the fine art of bitchitude…

A certain Valerie from the great state of Montana sent this bitch an email asking for my thoughts on the flight attendant take this job and by the way fuck you JetBlue incident.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Here you go!

As a self identified angry black bitch, I often have folks reach out to me with requests or demands that I cease being angry because the world needs more civil discourse.  While I appreciate their position…bitchitude does not apply to every situation…I must respectfully decline. 

Sometimes we need to discuss shit…we need to sit down and get our debate on or we need to chat about this or that.

And sometimes we need to keep it real.

This bitch believes that some people actually diminish the integrity of their argument by being too damn calm about shit…passion and anger are normal.   

Calmly debating whether The Man should have his boot on your neck is not normal.

Anyhoo, some folks may think the JetBlue flight attendant who lost his chili and went off after a passenger broke the rules and grabbed her bag before the pilot said that shit was cool, and the bag then hit the flight attendant which allegedly triggered the losing of his chili and subsequent going off followed by quitting followed by nabbing of beer followed by exiting via emergency slide…


Some people may think that the flight attendant was angry.

But that shit was rage.

Understandable rage – a bitch recently flew on a flight where I witnessed a dedicated asshole across the aisle have to be asked four times to turn off his motherfucking iPad, put his tray up and raise his seat back upright…and that shit wasted time and made this bitch wonder if the passenger was going to be a serious security risk.  I'm pretty sure the flight attendant was beyond pissed at that asshole.

But rage comes from not properly venting anger…it is anger built up that explodes in such a way that is not constructive and damn near dangerous.

By comparison, the video of the woman quitting her job via a dry erase board email is a fine example of practicing the fine art of bitchitude.

I don’t even care if that shit is for real…it cracked my ass up and didn’t involve the police!

Anyhoo, I sincerely hope the take away from the JetBlue incident is that a body never knows another person’s life or how close they are to the edge.  

Confession - for all the attention being lavished on the flight attendant, this bitch is far more interested in the woman with the bag who triggered the shit in the first place.  Someone needs to score an interview with her ass…stat.

As for the rest of us, odds are our sympathy for the flight attendant will last until our next flight…when some of us will resist turning off our smart phones, not return our seats to their upright position and try to remove our bags from the overhead compartment prior to pilot approval.



'Drea said...

I had quite the chuckle over the JetBlue incident. That was, hands down, one of the best ways to quit.

I was recently flying and someone's cell phone was on as we were descending -- after the call to turn devices off. The woman next to me whipped around and said, "Is that on? You need to turn it off."

I was so glad that she spoke up before I pummeled dude...

dinthebeast said...

That is one of my sayings: It is a dangerous thing to randomly fuck with people because you don't know what kind of day they are having, and people do snap. Also, as they say, you never know just how you look through other people's eyes...

-Doug in Oakland

Katie Rost said...

Absolutely fabulous blog.

becks said...

Seriously- why is it that so many people get on a plane and completely lose their damn minds and turn into rude,obnoxious, 'me first' assholes?

Frankly- the JetBlu guy rocks and it's amazing to me that there haven't been more airline personel that just lose their shit.

Between the way airlines treat their customers, the way the customers treat the employees and the way fellow travelers treat each other- I can't believe there hasn't been more outrageous out breaks.

And- yeah- that girl that quit her job via white board- I'm with you- fake or not- FUNNY AS HELL!

Yours in bitchitude-

Laughingrat said...

Anyhoo, I sincerely hope the take away from the JetBlue incident is that a body never knows another person’s life or how close they are to the edge.

Ain't that the truth?

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