Thursday, August 19, 2010

There’s “finished” and then there’s Favre…


A bitch is not a football fan...which is why I had to edit this post to correct the spelling of Favre's fucking name (thanks to Rileysdtr...mercy!). 

For me, pre-season football is just a signal that the hockey season is just around the corner (thank the gods!).

I usually skip football-based news, but Brett Favre’s yearly return to the sport is far too amusing to ignore.  It reminds me of Jimmy Connors not retiring from professional tennis back in the day…the man kept making it to the quarterfinals and, when some reporter asked him when he planned to hang up his racket, he pointed that shit out and said something along the lines of “when these bloody kids start to beat me.”

Anyhoo, NFL quarterback Brett Favre retired and then came back…more than once, if memory serves. 

So, there’s “finished”...

...and then there’s Favre.

If Brett Favre says he’s done playing football…but then his happy ass shows up at training camp, suits up and play…well, then Brett Favre isn’t done playing professional football.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

And if the United States says the last combat troops are leaving Iraq…but 50,000 troops remain and shit is still blowing up and stability still a goal rather than a reality…well, then the United States is still hip deep in Iraq and out of range to kick a field goal.




Rileysdtr said...

(Ahem it's Favre. V before R and no I don't know why that's pronounced "FARV" but it is.

CeCe said...

I love football!! It's my most favorite sport! But anyway, I totally understand the amusement at Brett Favre. I have a friend who believes he hems and haws every season to avoid training camp because he's so old, he might possibly injure himself doing 2- or 3-a-days for practice. Favre hasn't done a training camp in three years. I know which player will not be on my fantasy football team this year.

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