Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pondering the incredible inedible egg…

A massive recall, y’all!

A call to recall thousands upon thousands of eggs…don’t eat them, for the love of all that will tear your innards up and keep you chained to the toilet for weeks!

Longtime readers know that this bitch adores cheesy eggs.   

They are a sometimes food, so I can’t enjoy them daily…but there’s nothing like a plate full of cheesy eggs on a Saturday morning!


Anyhoo, if you too enjoy eggs you should take note of this recall and make sure your eggs aren’t on the list.



DeniseA said...

Hey there,

I think that the reason why it is so difficult to respond to this situation is that it is, on one hand, too unbelievable to realize we are even discussing where Muslims have their house of worship (which this isn't even happening). But if you stop and think a bit and remember American history this is just " we go again". The internment of Japanese-americans after Pearl harbor was not about an overt or covert act of hostility by these people, but rank racism and greed. The Japanese-Americans were forced to sell or abandon their property without due process. They were rounded up and treated as criminals not because they were but because of an accident of ancestry. If you do some research on this issue you will see many parallels as to the reasons and justifications. Unfortunately Americans seem to only feel safe when they are explaining how they are superior or how some group wants what we have. This then justifies doing anything and everything to maintain our little corner of the world. I am very sad this year.

Timothy said...

Ms. Shark-fu,
You should raise your own chickens! Lots of people keep a few hens in the backyard. My boss has some at her house near Drake University. She raises ducks too. You would only need a half-dozen or so to keep one person in eggs and have an occasional one to spare for the Dawgs. In St. Louis, it shouldn't even be that hard to keep them sheltered for the winter -- it is a milder climate than here in Des Moines, no?

Shark-fu said...

But Timothy I have two sorta-beagles and a small yard. How do I avoid a poultry massacre?

Timothy said...

You might need to call The Dog Whisperer or Ms. Stilwell to help you teach the sorta-Beagles that chickens are off limits! Or that they are their friends. Actually, we had a Beagle on the Farm and she got along fine with both cats and poultry.

Ricky said...

I cracked an egg the other morn and two yokes came out of one little egg. The world stopped for me. How in the hell did that little m f'er get in there? I will not eat another egg until I solve this mystey.

Ryan Hauck said...

Just had to chime in and say that my oldest son (6 years old) will NOT eat scrambled eggs unless they are "cheesy eggs". So you have a kindred spirit here in Charleston, SC. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree about raising your own chickens or "keeping" your own chickens. They do well in an enclosed pen where the beagles can't get to them. I wouldn't trust a beagle but our collie and bull dog don't bother ours. This is a great web site for all your backyard chicken information:
Chickens are very easy to care for and some of them have great personalities. There are some beautiful breeds also.

And the double yolk means that it could have resulted in twins but they don't usually live so no one purposely incubates a double yolked egg. They are great eating though.

Janet in Maine