Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pondering coverage of the latest serial killer…

A bitch is a crime buff and a news junkie, so I’m more than a little surprised that I didn’t know about a serial killer who was wanted in the stabbing of 20 people.

I’m particularly disturbed because the killer in question is believed to have targeted black people specifically.


20 people stabbed…5 people dead…and the morning news shows tucked this story between the weather and an update on the latest antibiotic resistant superbug.

Lawd, have mercy.

I first heard about this a few days ago…and then news broke that a suspect is under arrest…but this is the kind of shit a bitch would like to know about as soon as possible.

I know all about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

I know how much Michelle Obama’s vacation cost.

Hell, I could pick out the JetBlue flight attendant’s face from a line-up if I had to!

But some dude has been roaming the Midwest…a region where I fucking live…stabbing black men and I just now got a look at the composite sketch and they’ve already arrested his ass!

Maybe there’s some investigative reason for the lack of details…I seriously hope so…but damn it all, is it too much to ask for the press to fuss about the lack of details being release so a bitch could know that there’s a series of murders believed to be racially motivated where very few details are being released? 

20 people stabbed.

5 people dead.

And on a much lighter note, we’re live from the Plaza with a segment on how to shop for back to school on a budget!



Laura Elizabeth said...

When I first saw this story (on Gawker of all places) two days ago I was shocked it was the first I had read about it. Five dead and over 20 attacked and no news coverage? W.T.everlovingF! What the media deems "newsworthy" is beyond my ability to understand.

Marona said...

Demcad was talking about it for at least a week on YouTube. Said there maybe a connection to killings in Virgina. But it was taking place in Flint, Michigan I believe, or just the state of Michigan.

CR said...

When I lived in central Illinois, I was watching the local news, and my wife came in and asked, "Have they done the animal story yet?". I asked what she meant, and she explained. Sure enough, every broadcast ended with a puppy in Topeka, a kitten in Tampa, a bear cub in Tacoma, etc.

Anonymous said...

We here in the DC area didn't hear about it until the attacks in Leesburg, about 20 minutes from where I live. As we now know, Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia aren't that far apart.

Meanwhile, a White woman is late for dinner and it's all over Nancy Grace.

Roxie said...

I live in Atlanta & the only reason I know all about this story is b/c he was arrested here after he attempted to board a plane to Israel.

Roxie said...


Anonymous said...

I'm from the D (Detroit) and apparently this dude had been going after his victims since May, but the news only started writing about it 3 weeks ago. What's messed up about the whole thing is that he killed or attempted to kill people in 3 states---and that he could have been ID'd earlier, except that one woman who saw the description on the news thought it wasn't him because he didn't look like the stereotypical Arab, so to speak--he's a white guy---appparently she didn't know that Arabs, like black people,come in all different shades of colors, from lily-white to black also. It was scary hearing about it because Flint is only a couple of hours fromt he D, and for all we knew the crazy MF might have been heading our way---I'm glad they caught his psychotic, sick ass.

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