Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Presidential speech preparedness…

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

President Obama will address the nation tonight and this bitch will be watching!

Confession – I’ve been more than a wee bit lax in my coverage of Presidential speechification this year.  I’ve watched them…a bitch is a firm believer in getting my news from the source…but I’ve neglected my post speech recaps.   

Fuck it – my ass has been busy as hell!

Anyhoo, I shall endeavor to resist lazitude going forward.

Where was I?

Oh yes...preparitude!

Longtime readers know that this bitch likes to watch political speeches and debates in style.  Translation – there ain’t no way in hell I can get through a political speech or debate without some good food and vodka.

Shark-fu’s preparitude list of needed things for watching President Obama’s address to the nation…

A bitch is gonna grab some soul food on the way home – something smothered, something mac & cheesy and, if the gods are generous, a slice of buttermilk pie!

The drink…
Vodka followed by cran followed by ice
Ice water…’cause it’s a school night and a bitch will need to hydrate (wink)

The channel selection…
My beloved TiVo will be taping the coverage on PBS and odds are I’ll bop around between the networks just to see who is spinning what where and why.


Depending on how this speech goes a bitch will cleanse my mental palate by watching Network, Thirteen Days or Apocalypse Now.



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