Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pondering the results…

Hi y’all!

I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to post in the past few days – I’ve been pounding the pavement and some sorta-pavement in Anchorage Alaska while volunteering on the No on 2 campaign.  No on 2 was the campaign against Ballot Measure 2, which was a parental notification measure – it requires notification of parents in order for teens under the age of 18 to access abortion services.

Campaigns against parental notification laws are challenging everywhere.  Most parents pause at the thought of their teen having an abortion without them being notified.  The reality is that most teens communicate with their parents.

This isn’t about most teens any more than this is about parental rights…the opposition may have pitched it that way, but that don't make it true.

Ballot measure 2 was about passing yet another unnecessary abortion restriction that will do nothing to lower the number of unplanned pregnancies, at risk teens be damned.

And well, shit…damn it all to Juneau and back if Alaska didn’t vote that piece of shit ballot measure through yesterday.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Pause…collect thyself…continue.

It’s hard as hell to lose.

But it’s devastating to think of the Alaskan teens that will face the ramifications of this electoral fail.

I often say that the masses get the government and the laws they work for and vote for…

…but our youth get the government and laws that those 18 and older deliver to them.

Trust that the teens of Alaska don’t deserve ballot measure 2.


I'm exhausted.

This bitch is going to go look at a glacier and then fly my ass on home…

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Mark said...

My dearest and most darling Shark-Fu,
Thank you for fighting the good fight, as always. While I share your disappointment and chagrin that Measure 2 passed, I can't say I'm surprised. Time was, Alaska used to be the home of the rugged individualist and was a blue state! Those people were so damn liberal, radical and progressively in favor of the individual that others feared them. Now, Alaska has been flooded with Palin-esque individuals, extremely conservative people who flock there to shoot guns, molest local wildlife, and drive their SUVs full-barrel through "The Last Frontier"- for the same reason that neo-Nazi groups concentrate their efforts in Idaho. Mainstream Americans don't pay much attention to what goes on in Idaho- or Alaska, sadly, leaving these morons to get on with their anachronistic agendas.

My cousin Fritz, a fisheries biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, has done much to keep the "old" Alaska ethic of self-reliant, progressive individualism alive- he restocks Alaskan streams and rivers and developed a curriculum to teach state schoolchildren about the salmon.

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