Wednesday, August 04, 2010

That’ll show ‘em…

Missouri morphed from being the Show-Me state to being the You Can’t Make Me state last night by voting to approve a proposition allowing the state to diss the benefits of federal health care reform on behalf of we the residents.

Way to fucking go, Missouri.

Even though no one believes this proposition is enforceable…with the exception of those freaky state sovereignty folks who are hoping this kicks off a revival of the Civil War…it does send a sorta-message.

By sorta-message a bitch means that this isn’t exactly the hands down Tea Raver victory the press will make it out to be.

Sorry…it just isn’t.

Voter turn out was beyond low…it was 110 degrees in the shade and many Democratic races weren’t seen to be facing a serious primary challenge.  GOP races, however, had some spice.  Add to that the fact that many Democrats didn’t start talking about Prop C until this weekend, while Republicans have been railing against government “mandates” for months.


But by calling this a sorta-message I also acknowledge the reality that lots of Missourians, regardless of their political affiliation, don’t like health care reform and plenty of them don’t like President Obama and the majority of those folks really don’t like the current state of things so fuck it, they voted AGAINST the federal government and that’ll show ‘em.

And it doesn’t matter that they’ve just declared their opposition to protecting women against gender discrimination by private insurers, ending the practice of dropping coverage because of pre-existing conditions (such as breast cancer and pregnancy)…that they have now gone on record as being against significantly increasing private insurance and Medicaid coverage of reproductive health care, including family planning…and to women having guaranteed direct access to ob/gyn services and no longer needing a referral or prior authorization from their health insurance company.

Hell, this vote was a vote against allowing parents to cover their chil’ren as a dependent up to the age of 26 and protecting chil’ren from falling through the cracks as thousands do now.

Now that’s cold.

Fuck it - don't tread on them or their right to not be able to insure their chil'ren or get insurance for their own ass!


Confession - this bitch wishes this vote did mean something.

I wish Missouri could opt out.

I do!

I really wish that Missourians could fuck themselves and their neighbors twice on Sunday and then have to watch as folks next-door in Illinois or upstairs in Iowa enjoy not getting dissed for insurance because they’ve had to use health insurance or for one of the other dumb ass greed-based justifications tossed out by insurance companies.

The tragedy is that Missourians won’t suffer for this trifling ass electoral toddler tantrum bullshit.

Mayhap they would have learned something from the ramifications of their actions - but then again, this is Missouri where folks will double down on a fuck up in a heartbeat just to be contrary.


This bitch no longer frets over my state hemorrhaging jobs and people...

...and has moved on to wonder why the fuck I'm still here.


berdawn said...

fuck me dead as an old friend used to say. when I read the margins, I was shocked. I just don't understand my fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

Why do people continually vote against their best interest? Has anyone done studies on this? It is beyond peculiar!

TruthSmidgen said...

@ABB is it possible that you are still there because you can't figure out where the fuck it's better?

I mean I continue to live in California not because we are doing a much better job of voting for ballot initiatives or elected officials who protect our common welfare. No, I live here because I've lived here my whole adult life and I've decided to stick with ignorant bastards I know.

That being said, I may have to leave when our whole damn state goes into foreclosure. Arnold is threatening to leave office in Jan. without a new budget (it'll only be 6 mos late at that point). Talk about leaving and not shutting the barn door behind you...the mf is leaving and throwing a f'ing grenade back into the barn on the way out.

Leslie said...

I feel for you Truth, I mean, when I heard Arnie was having an auction basically, I was freaked out. Missouri is poor, but . . . There a just a lot of ultra conservatives/fundi-capitalists here who think that if they support the interests of the wealthy they will one day get that slice of the pie, the rest of them are damned fools.

Unknown said...

I think it's incorrect to frame it as being against the mandate=being against government insurance/reform.

"Hell, this vote was a vote against allowing parents to cover their chil’ren as a dependent up to the age of 26 and protecting chil’ren from falling through the cracks as thousands do now."

Funny, I didn't see *that* on the ballot a couple days ago! I support the idea that government's should give people health care-I do not support the idea of ramming it down there throats.

I personally don't want to take care part in the healthcare system, although I want it to be available to those who want it. I am not kicking my heels and saying "Well *I* don't need healthcare so you don't either!" I'm perfectly willing to pay increased taxes. I pay taxes for roads when I can't even drive, I pay taxes for schools even though no one in my house is using them. That's part of having a good community.

You know those experiments that went on at New Orleans Charity Hospital by Tulane University? Where they injected mostly black female patients with radiation equivalent to 100 chest x-rays in one experiment? And then the researchers said since it was charity, they had a "right" to do those things to those women?

Vanderbilt University gave radioactive iron to over 800 pregnant women to see it's effect on fetal development. Guess what? Higher rates of cancer.

That's not paranoia, that's public record that's been admitted by the universities, hospitals, and the pres. 'Scuse me for not wanting to personally take part in that system! Why should I have to buy something I'm not going to use? When the insurance companies I'd have to buy from have blood on their hands as well-of the people they bilked, wrongfully denied, etc.

Even if the government will pay for it all, I. Don't. Want. to take part in that system. I don't want to give the insurance companies money I got even from a tax credit.

Of course, moral feelings don't matter. They're silly and subjective and no one should ever disgusted by the healthcare system.

I guess 73% of Missourians are just wanting to fuck themselves and other people over though. Instead of, y'know, wanting the right to take part in a system or not.

mo costello said...

Mizzery..what a state. Got to vote against our anti-choice voting Sate Sen. 0 fer 2.
What's up w/ "tell me more" host not being able bring her self to say the B word!?!?

Shark-Fu said...


Hi Mo!

Shark-Fu said...

none of your...
You had me interested until you blew the math.

20+% of Missouri voters voted yesterday.

73% of them (of the people who voted, m'dear) voted for the measure.

When 73% of Missouri voters turn out for an election that'll be worthy of a post all it's own.

And that's the same percent who voted to ban same sex marriage - which is how I know that sometimes my fellow Missourians vote in the heat of August to fuck folks over.

Thanks for the visit, though!


Unknown said...

73% of *voting* Missourians, if you want to be specific (Myself, I thought it was understood that we were talking about the voters, but I supposed if I wanted to nitpick and avoid discussion, I could plead misunderstanding) the rest apparently either don't care or on the fence about it.

Myself, I haven't seen anything in your post about *why* it's so selfish and wrong for people to want the right to abstain from the system.

I don't see why we couldn't pay for the health care with either taxes or, God forbid, cutting military spending or closing overseas bases or through various other ways.

Leslie said...

None of your, I don't think it's nit-picking to say that less than a quarter of Missouri voters actually showed up to vote. Especially in light of the fact that national headlines seem to be touting that 70% figure as if 70% of the people in Missouri voted for prop C.
As far as injecting morality into the debate you're walking a fine line. Insurance companies are a business like any other and they function on volume. Yes, I believe that it is morally incorrect to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, but as a business decision , it makes perfect sense. What are we left with? We as voters guarantee volume, insurance companies guarantee coverage. And unless citizens as a group are going to move on standardizing the cost of medical care, it's unwise to go without insurance. What happens if you get hit by a car, or step wrong off your porch and break your ankle.? Debt to your eyeballs!

tillkan said...

This is why only Medicare-for-all can succeed politically, despite the lazy-minded assumption that it could not pass. It is the only method that could not be demagogued (so successfully) because it is based on something that people already are familiar with. It is the only way that could have motivated Large numbers of people in its favor. Not to mention all the other reasons why it is the only sensible way.

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