Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pondering outrage...

A bitch must confess to being too wrapped up in the Missouri State Budget Battle of 2009 to pay much attention to the AIG outrage.

I know that AIG got federal bailout money.

And I know they paid…or attempted to pay…retention bonuses after getting that bailout.

Honestly, I would think the masses would be more outraged about US bailout money going to companies overseas through AIG…but damn it all if we're not unpredictable.


Anyhoo, as I watched a curiously mellow Jim Kramer on the Today Show this morning (my people call it a correction-based re-branding…good luck with that!) and the sorta-news segment featuring outraged folks explaining why they are outraged a bitch noticed a potential benefit.

Some people have begun to connect the quality of work these executives do to their salary.


And a few folks have started questioning the huge salaries paid Wall Street executives in general.

Double gasp and a blink!

This bitch hopes this trend continues and works its way to government.

Mmmhmm, all the way to state governments…

…because I’d like to know why the fuck we pay a salary to people who publicly admit they don’t do their job…like Missouri Speaker of the House Ron Richard who voted to block Governor Nixon’s budget proposal even though HE HASN’T READ IT YET!!


I hope outrage is contagious as a motherfucker.

Lawd, knows bullshit is…


Anonymous said...

Outrage can be contagious. However, its outbreaks are usually only short-lived and it can have nasty side effects.

Really, no one seemed too concerned about bonuses and the like as long as the economy was rolling/sputtering along. If we get back on track, we will cease to care about all the complicated workings. Until the next major financial disaster...

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that these people in the legislature don't read anything, what the fuck! Did anyone give them a job description? I guess they just don't take what they do seriously enough. The decisions they make affect people's lives! That's what's upsetting. They don't get it, don't care or are just in it for the power and ego tripping. Damn!

Anonymous said...
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Shark-Fu said...

And that fucked up comment is why we shouldn't let racists online.


Unknown said...

I think the outrage should be directed more at Timmy Geithner and Benny Bernanke for starters.

Both those assholes are complicit in this AIG bonus fiasco...they should protect the public, not the jerkwads that got us into this mess.

Bernanke knew for months about the AIG bonuses, yet did not inform President Obama when he took office.

Timmy finally admitted he was the one that told Dodd to remove the amendment that would of possibly stopped these bonuses...why did he do that?

The last question is the one that needs an honest answer.

addis said...

Wow! You really are one angry And here I thought my little site,, which I am here to incidentally promote (wink, wink) is a little too straight up!

But, yeah, your brothers and sisters to the north are just as outraged as you Americans!


bev said...

But George, Ron Richard is a white guy.

(walks away, scratching head)

boukman70 said...

I agree with postpost. People were screaming about CEO compensation back in '92 during that recession, and it's only gotten worse since.

Earlier this week, I was in total agreement with Dusty. I was calling for Geithner's ouster, but I heard that he has some big announcement in a week or two, finally telling us what he has planned with all these bank bailouts. If he doesn't nationalize then I'll be screaming for that bastard's head.

And apparently George's FOX News feed's showing nothing but reruns of Birth of a Nation. WTF is that jackhole talking about?

Anonymous said...

I am not defending these legiscritters, but reading a budget cover to cover (and thinking about the contents) can take a few days, and if the party in power presses for a vote on the day or two after the bill version is issued to the legiscritters for review - none of them will have a detailed knowledge of the budget.

To give you the scope of the effort, the US budget bill is about 1,200 pages long. I would expect the MO budget to be about 300 pages long - who knows? The state legiscritters don't have the number and quality of staff to help analyze large bills as do the members of Congress.

This complexity means that legiscritters often succeed in inserting unpopular provisions that get overlooked. Not all of the stupid things enacted get through on a basis of "horsetrading" of favors.


Butch Boo said...

We have a CEO of a bank here- resigned due to incompetence and helping bring the financial system down on its' knees.

He however, has a £9million pension package!

Justice? Seems not to exist- guess that's capitalism for you! The fat cats just get fatter



libhom said...

I think outrage needs to be more systemic. It's too isolated and episodic at the moment.

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