Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More budget ponderfication...

A bitch is once again keeping my eye on how the Republican majority led legislature in my home state of Missouri defines stimulus. I’ve said it before and my ass will say it again, the states are ultimately in control of whether stimulus money is allowed to stimulate.

Shall we?

Missouri’s Head Budgeter in Charge, House Budget Committee Chair Allen Icet, has a plan…well, he may have a plan by next week…okay, so he’s got this box full of our stimulus money and next week he’ll tell the masses what he intends to do with it.

Apparently Icet and his conservative minions have all kinds of plans for the stimulus funds…but they are proving to be allergic to the idea of using those funds to prevent cuts to necessary social programs that serve the most vulnerable residents of the state. Instead they are pondering…wait for it!..a tax rebate check (as long as it isn’t $10 per person, ‘cause that just would not do). Oh, and they appear to be excited about a series of one-time projects that a bitch is willing to bet will ultimately benefit campaign contributors.

Um, and they will also propose some plan to fund staff for colleges and universities to train and teach doctors and medical professionals.


Train healthcare professionals to treat…who, exactly?

‘Cause these same legislators sure as shit aren’t addressing the fact that thousands of Missourians lack coverage. As a matter of fact, they are going out of their way to make sure stimulus money doesn't prevent additional cuts! Just who the fuck are those healthcare professionals going to treat?

And I sure as hell hope their proposal doesn’t bother training more pediatricians or specialists in children’s healthcare…because those same legislators don’t see the benefit of covering the born.

Maybe that’s the deal.

Maybe these fiends intend for Missourians not to be the beneficiaries of that increase in trained healthcare folks.


Mayhap the training of healthcare professionals is part of a Missouri tourism program.


Mmmmhmmm, a bitch saw a news program about shit like this going on abroad! People with money or insurance or both would travel to Missouri, stay at the Four Season’s in downtown St. Louis and have a procedure done.

Oh my…could Icet’s plan actually be a freakish conspiracy to have Missouri compete in the growing travel sector of medical tourism?

Or does he really not see the fuckeduptitude of training healthcare professionals with stimulus money after declaring that stimulus money should not be used to prevent cuts in healthcare coverage for Missourians?

***cue crickets***


Unknown said...

Mayhap the training of healthcare professionals is part of a Missouri tourism program.

Gawd they drive me to drink..I swear to Buddha, these folks are a few bricks shy of a full load.

And so are the people that continually vote them into office.

jsb16 said...

As usual, the Republicans claim to be against big government, unless the government is benefiting their wallets or their gun obsessions. Benefiting the poor, the disadvantaged, the elderly, the disabled, and even the veterans of their wars ranks way below ideology...

Anonymous said...

There in lies the rub Dusty. People keep voting these idiots into office, with full knowledge that they are inept.
I am pissed all over again. I gotta go take my blodd pressure pill.

Homer said...

Here in Arizona they are planning on cutting K-12 education, again, by up to 22 percent. One state Republican legislator was quoted as saying, "Education doesn't make jobs." One of the biggest proponents of the education cuts is the State Senate president, who also just happens to own a set of private schools.

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