Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Election congrats…

Yesterday was Election Day and y’all know a bitch adores an election!

Congrats to fellow blogger Antonio French on his St. Louis City Alderman win in Ward 21!

And congrats to a certain Shane Cohn on his St. Louis City Alderman win in Ward 25!

And a huge CONGRATS to the…umm, win-based defeat in the Great 2009 Battle of Shaw (otherwise known as the Shaw Special Business District property tax increase confrontation at the polls). A bitch was beyond impressed with the organizing that went into that…even if my ass never did get one of those yard signs (sigh).

This bitch would like to point out that Shaw Special Business District tax increase was defeated 782 against to 377 in favor.

782 votes between a $.50 per every $100 valuation property tax increase and home owners.

We the people need to stay focused and continue to get our vote on...because local elections can turn into monumental political moments while the masses are not watching.

Or property tax increases.


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