Monday, March 16, 2009

Recovering and a nudge…


This bitch has been the very definition if ill for days.

Coughing, yacking, sneezing, eye drool-age and spit-up nastification took over a bitch’s body and went to battle!

But this bitch…and lots of cough ‘tussin approved for people with high blood pressure…won the fucking war, damn it.

I’m not 100% yet but I feel sorta-human…thank the gods.

Many thanks to all y’all who reached out to confirm that my black ass isn’t dead!

Moving forward…

You, your state legislators and Spring Break – A nudge…

I can’t speak for other American states…or for Canadian provinces and territories up north…but in Missouri the state legislator gets a Spring Break.


Mmmhmm, ‘tis true that they do!

I know, I know…your asking yourself why they get a motherfucking break when the majority of them have been spending the majority of their time pandering to ultra-conservative social value groups like Missouri Right to Life instead of taking care of the people’s business like job creation, covering the thousands of Missourians who are uninsured or [insert crumbling infrastructure in need of attention here].

But you should know better than to toss logic at the leaders of the Missouri House or Senate (wink).

Cough…toss back proper dose of ‘tussin…continue.

Anyhoo, they get a Spring Break…which the few progressives within (love ya, for real!!) have earned the hell out of because they’ve been working hard as hell trying to prevent the realization of some pretty freakish conservative state-based dreams (shudder)…and this bitch wants to nudge y’all to set up a meeting while your legislator is back in town!

Call your Rep. or Senator’s office and get on their calendar for a check-in. Make sure you show up with something to discuss…can I recommend any of the fucked up from the floor up anti-choice restriction bills that have occupied the Missouri House’s time instead of the Prevention First Act…and then get your meet on! Ask them what they’re doing and where they stand on the shit that matters to you.

Make sure they know that their constituents are watching what they do when they aren't breaking and are supposed to be serving the people.

And yes, this still illish but much better now bitch and C-Money are already on our State Senator’s calendar for tea and side of keep-it-real.

Consider yourself nudged!


Anonymous said...

Girl, your coming out of it as I head into it. But its good to have you back at your bitchiest!

Rants, Thoughts & Merde

Anonymous said...

You made me look it up. Looks like pretty sweet schedule to me. I think we call it Easter Break around here... gah.

Clearly Claire said...

You know, the-friend-of-a-bitch is pleased that a bitch is feeling better.

Hope this round of illness is over b'fore you know it. : )

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