Thursday, March 26, 2009

The proof is in the budget…

The fillet-o-fish budget jingle is now floating around this bitch’s brain.


And I’m not even a fan of fillet-o-fish sandwiches!

Damn Lent-based fish advertising.


Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

A certain Meredith from Columbia Missouri (wassup, Columbia!) sent this bitch an email asking why I haven’t blogged about the federal budget battle and what my thoughts are on the Missouri state budget drama. Well, the reason a bitch hasn’t blogged about the federal budget drama is because I’ve been spending hours tracking the Great Bleed Out Missouri Budget Massacre of 2009 that is our state budget battle and trying to make sure the fiendish knaves in the majority in Jefferson City don’t eliminate programs that make my autistic brother’s world function.

I’ve got to tell you, this battle is fucking fubar. Not only are the budget fiends hacking flesh away from necessary programs but they are refusing federal stimulus money that would make cuts unnecessary and that are designed to…well, give the struggling masses a fucking break so we can get about the bitness of recovering from Blunt Trauma and the ravages of Bush-o-nomics.

The proof, my friends, is in the budget.

Allow me to rant.

***steps up on box of soap***

Knavish state Republicans are cutting $58 million dollars from the Department of Mental Health budget…on top of $20 million in cuts proposed by the Governor. DMH services are crucial to people like my brother, who is profoundly autistic and who has already suffered from the series of cuts made to programs over the past several years. People with developmental disabilities are Missourians…and most of their families will not be able to make up the difference. People with developmental disabilities participate in our communities and society…they don’t just languish away in institutions and they aren’t a population lawmakers can simply dismiss because they want to pander to some political theory that social programs don’t benefit society. And this sister of an autistic adult can promise those knaves that nothing good will come from cutting necessary programs whilst indulging in a federal stimulus refusal game.


Missouri seniors organized a paper plate mail-in action to the knaves that resulted in them backing off cuts that would have damn near eliminated a meal delivery program. That shit was fantabulous, but someone ought to be shamed that people have to resort to mailing thousands of paper plates to Jefferson City to make elected officials consider their hunger while they fling axes about in a conference room.

Lawd, I can just see it…a gaggle of more ambitious than inspired craven assholes hovering the starved body of the state budget, laughing as they hack of limb after limb while federal stimulus dollars lay in a corner, bound with duck tape over the mouth struggle to get free.


And someone needs to tell me how the same legislative body that voted for another abortion restriction bill and refuses to even consider prevention bills can walk about the people’s house without shame after then voting to strip funding for children’s services that would have, among other things, funded insurance coverage for some 27,000 Missouri children when families need that coverage more than ever.

Heaven to hell and back again, that just ain’t right…it ain’t logical…and it sure as shit ain’t pro-family.


So, Meredith, a bitch has been busy contacting my legislators and writing letters and waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning fretting and calling legislators because this state shit is where the stimulation of the nation will certainly fail if the head knaves in charge are allowed to get away with cutting instead of innovating and thinking outside the box and protecting the most vulnerable residents of the state.

We the people need to multi-task on this shit…stat! Because these fools are fixin' to make Limbaugh’s dream a reality one state at a time.

***steps down, sends another letter explaining how DMH cuts will fuck up my brother's world, and logs off to go to work***


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your brother. It is amazing how some of these greedy folks in legislatures at every level are happy to cut programs to help innocents and then turn around and help some rich fat-cats get richer.

I also cannot believe how short-sighted your state and several others are in refusing the federal stimulus. I've never heard of such before. If Obama was white or if say Clinton had won, I doubt states would be refusing money like this. So the racism of some dumb governors and state legislatures is going to hurt the people who the President is trying to help. SMH.

Unknown said...

How can I help you?

Anonymous said...

You are right I don't understand people being pro-life but not pro children or pro family. It does not make any sense.

Anonymous said...

You are fighting the good fight even tho' it's frustrating as hell. Keep it up. I think there is a mass movement building. Our voices need to be heard.

Shark-Fu said...


Thanks for asking! The best way to help is to contact you legislators and tell them to use the stimulus funds for what they were created give relief to states and prevent these brutal cuts!

Let them know where you stand...and let them know how you want to be represented!

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