Monday, March 09, 2009


A bitch is illish.

Congested and coughified…ugh. I can’t tell if this is an allergy thang or a full out cold thang, but I do know that it is a fucking drama.


Anyhoo...this bitch woke up pondering honesty, economics and politics.

Yesterday a bitch avoided the political chat shows…’cause I was already feeling ill (wink)…and stuck to CBS Sunday Morning instead. I was enjoying the hell out of the show when all of the sudden Ben Stein’s face popped up on my television screen and it…umm, he…proceeded to lecture this bitch on Economics 101.

In a classic prince to pauper tone, Stein explained how the economy groweth. He praised Bernanke for flooding more money into the system…then fussed at viewers for not playing our part and getting our spend on. Stein blamed our reluctance to spend on certain politicians who aren’t being optimistic enough.

It struck me that Stein wasn’t taking politicians to task for inaccuracy but rather for being too accurate…too on point…too honest with we the people.

And, as a prince speaking to we citizen paupers, Stein is clearly dismayed by the way we are responding to all that honesty.

***cue Nicholson***

In short, we can’t handle the truth.

Shit…a little bit of truth and look at us, not spending money or buying shit we don’t need.

‘Tis a scandal!


We the people aren’t the warm body that the fiendish economy can tap a vein on and feed upon at will!

Glances at arm and spots a minified Ben Stein sinking his anti-worker pro-corporation vampire teeth into a bitch's vein.

Fuck a duck!

***logs off to do battle with Ben Stein's vampire apparition***


moria said...

Hey, so I love this blog, but I noticed something about this post that made me a little nervous.

One of the conventional creepy stereotypes used to cast Jews as villains is to say they drink blood, especially Christian blood. It's seen as a metaphor for their role as usurious lenders. Your choice of Ben Stein was, I'm sure, not at all intended to provoke a sense of anti-semitic caricature -- which is why I want to point out that it could easily be read that way.

I'm sorry that this is my first comment on this wonderful blog -- I'll post something more delightful on a future post!

Unknown said...

I missed CBS Sunday Morning...they had that idiot Ben Stein on?

Glad I missed it then...would of just raised my blood pressure so early in the am.

Shark-Fu said...

Oh my word!

Thanks for point that out and no, that was not the intent at all...nor was I even aware of the drinking Christian blood thing and I thought I'd heard them all.


Anonymous said...

My recollection of the libel was Jews drank the blood of Christian babies... slaughter of the innocents and all that. That was supposed to have died out with the reforms of Vatican Two - and the official "removal" of deicide from the litany of supposed sins - so you may be too young for that particular smear. Good catch, Moira.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I've always thought Ben Stein was very backward and anti-working folks anyway and condescending as all get out. Because of him and his ilk, I've given up on ALL Sunday talk shows years ago. It it ain't on NPR, Pacifica or PBS, I don't have time for it and have very little faith in anything any of those blowhards say.

ABB don't feel bad, I never heard the Jews drinking blood thing either or a conflating of Jews with Vampires, eating Christian babies I'd heard, but blood sucking, no. Crazy stuff, especially since there would be no Christianity without Judaism and Jesus Christ was Jewish. Folks are just way too confused and mean-spirited towards minorities of all stripes throughout history. ***scratches, then shakes head***

jsb16 said...

Ben Stein makes me grind my teeth any time I hear him (or of him). The man is seriously not reality-based. The whole Expelled nonsense (see Expelled Exposed for details) was bad enough, but now he's trying to blame the economic meltdown on consumers? Did he not notice Madoff, Stanford, and the rest of the Ponzi schemers? Did the "instant tax refund" scams pass him by unnoticed?

At least he's not in charge of investigating the million-dollar bonuses Merrill gave out as the ship was sinking. Cuomo will do a much better job of that...

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say fuck a duck, indeed!

And I hope you feel better soon.

The Sailor said...

I'm illish too. But I know this is a cold and not my standard spring allergies & not my chronic sinusitis.

I would prescribe that you should never watch the talking heads.

Why should we 'waste our beautiful minds on that.'

Anonymous said...

It is so disappointing that those who refuse to pay people enough money, always want the people to support them. We would not be in this position if it were not for their mismanagement. So they need to go out and spend. I am so angry right now about all of this I could just spit.

Heard a talk show on radio saying how awful it was the 1%(rich folk) of society is being asked to pay 37% of the tax burden. What? I am supposed to feel sorry for these people who have inherited, stolen most of what they own, or oppressed people to get what they have. Oh my god!
AND WHAT ABOUT THE FLIP SIDE OF THE QUESTION, how much tax don't they pay that they should. Please!Which brings us back to if they would pay workers and stop hoarding all the cash maybe they wouldn't have to pay 37%. ARgggggggggggggggggg!

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing as I was saw it too. Ben, Andy Rooney, Rick Santelli, John Stuy___, they're all full of it. Hot air blowhards that have no clue about what the typical citizen is suffering through.

Anonymous said...

speaking of jewish stereotypes, isn't there one saying that jews are all liberal, union-loving, democrats? I mean, if i had been able to choose which stereotype to be disillusioned of this morning, that one would not have been it.

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein was going to be the commencement speaker at my graduation this year. Fortunately people at my uni got terribly exercised about having an anti-science anti-intellectual jerk-off give the commencement speech at a college best known for its environmental programs. His gig was canned a couple days after I got wind of it.

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