Friday, October 12, 2007

And then they came for my beloved MAC Underworld…

That's it.

Enough is enough!

A bitch just read this shit about lipsticks containing lead and…well, ENOUGH IS DAMN WELL ENOUGH!

My lipstick may or may not have lead in it?

Is nothing sacred?!


Is a bitch to be denied the happiness and joy that MAC Underworld provides?!?




Dandy said...

Jeeze Bitch....what are they gonna screw up next? Hey, does that stuff come from China?

The Lazy Iguana said...

Stuff made in China scares me more than crazy evangelical right wingers.

At least you know the crazy right wingers are trying to get rid of you! You think all the Chinese want to do is sell you cheap crap!

Joe said...

1. First step to healthfulness: Natural, unammonia-fied hair.

2. Second step to healthfulness: Knocking off the cigs.

3. Third step to healthfulness: Weaning off the Claritin.

4. Fourth step to healthfulness: Saying bye-bye to the hazardous, lead-based makeup products.

A bitch will just need to radiate that unadorned, nature-girl glow!

~Macarena~ said...

It was the only way they could get to you. They will be very surprised when it fails to deter you from the struggle.

jali said...

This is going to sound superficial and probably pitiful but I'm keeping my gloss. Fingers in my ears going Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah until I can no longer hear these increasingly alarming news items.

I Will be cute in my gloss.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

I don't know what disappoints me more: lead in lipsticks, or the fact that the writer of that news story couldn't spell Procter & Gamble correctly.

Eliza524 said...

All of MAC's products are made in Canada or France, so I think your safe. At least I hope you're safe because I've got way too many MAC lipsticks to count.

Anonymous said...

You can ignore -- it's just more Urban Legend bullshit being paraded about as a "news" story:

Hammer said...


Whether this news story is true or not you HAVE to know that you CAN'T Trust "the man" to make healthy products for ANYONE (especially women).

"The man" gets y'all painted up with lead, has you spray aluminum-based deodorant (linked to Alzheimers) in your pits and pussies and tells you it's because YOU want to feel beautiful...bullshit. It's because 'the man' doesn't want to see a "Natural" sister. In fact, I believe 'the man' (as an institution) is threatened by natural women.

Come on. You don't need MAC. I've seen your natural girl glow and it's better than anything any asshole company can make.



Anonymous said...

Girlfriend has her line @ Sephora, so there is no excuse.

Chanel or Clarins lipstick only. Not that American muck. Use what the rich people use -- the cosmetic manufacturers know they will sue if they get cancer.

Kusala, please don't try to be taking my Claritin. Not to date myself unduly, but Homie don't play dat.


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