Thursday, October 12, 2006


Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Since the Foley scandal broke, a bitch has read a ton of articles and reports stating that Republicans are in trouble. Poll upon poll has been taken and the results have been dissected to the motherfucking bone.

But this bitch is a cautious bitch (wink)…and a lot can happen between now and November 7th.

Then a bitch read this shit regarding a statement by Representative Christopher Shays and…well, even my ass has to admit that this speaks volumes to the chaos swirling within the GOP.

Hey, cool it on Speaker Hassert…’cause no one died?

For the love of all that is sanctified and judgmental, is your base supposed to overlook the leadership tolerating years of sexual harassment and possible sexual abuse…because no one died?

That request shouts desperation on a Nixonian scale.

Hmmm...come to think of it, diving at Chappaquiddick is rather Nixonian. Particularly since Foley Gate, much like Watergate, was avoidable on a MASSIVE fucking scale and stinks of a willfully unapologetic abuse of power in the quest for even more power.

Come on now, y’all…let’s keep it real. Everyone knows that the Evangelical base would have orgasmed if they'd taken Foley out for being gay. Why plant field after field of fear based hate…water and nurture it with care and attention…only to allow it to wither on the vine in your time of need?

A bitch is beyond confused by protests that the leadership feared being seen as homophobic. Foley could have…and in the world of politics should have…been fed to the wolves during the CIA leak scandal or Abu Ghraib or pick a scandal from the last 6 years. Imagine the fantastical distraction that purge would have provided. Or how about when that dude from the Department of Homeland Security was caught using his computer for pedophilic purposes? Foley could have been addressed then and made the GOP look vigilant and shit!

Why wasn’t he?

Why didn’t they?

Who benefited from this mess and how?

Mr. Shays, this isn’t about Democratic vice.

This is about hypocrisy.

This is about negligence.


But a lot can happen in a few weeks. Excuses can be made…reasons can be given…and voters can find a way to cover up the stink for one more dive into the pool of rancidity.

Shit, no one’s talking about the issues.

The 150,000 Missourians who lost healthcare under Republican leadership…those hard working value voters who took one for the team are the ones being asked to hold their nose, close their eyes and dive.

Oh fuck it, no one died.

The thousands of Missourians who send their chil’ren to dilapidated schools full of substandard materials…who struggle to find a basic education in the bureaucracy of No Child Left Behind…those value voters are the ones being asked to turn a blind eye to politically sanctioned predatory behavior.

But hey, no one died!

Those average middle class workers who carry the majority of the tax burden despite all the lip service about tax cuts…those citizens who worry and fret about their elderly relatives and who are forced to question their ability to balance the needs of their chil’ren with the needs of their parents…those voters who stagger under the burden of unmovable debt because they haven’t seen a pay increase in forever and a day…who have sacrificed the dream of a college education for one bloody month without the phone ringing from collection calls…those are the people who are being asked to shut up and give the GOP another shot at fucking it all up worse than before.

Oh hush, didn’t you hear him say no one died?

The arrogance of that statement boggles my mind and the continued inability of the majority to grasp what has happened, what it means and how it should be addressed indeed harkens to the days of the grand Nixonian delusion that was Watergate.

I had no idea…I’ve fired those responsible…I’m not a crook…and hey, no one died.



Anonymous said...

And when Shays and all his GOP comrades voted to give the President authorization to initiate an unprovoked war based on fabricated evidence of WMDs, at least no one...

Hmmm. Okay, that doesn't work.

Elvez73 said...

Once again you have succintly nailed it with that post. I like you am a cautious bastard, but my gut tells me that we are gonna take this one. I think the "values voters" are as pissed about this shit as I have been about this godforsaken war the last 3 years. Your right though ABB, theres a long time till election day.

AOB said...

And that my dear is why my ass has changed my voter registrastion status to INDEPENDENT.

Super super post.

Maya's Granny said...

Let us hope this angers the base enough to do some good. Better if they were concerned about people dying and the Constitution being trashed, but if it takes pedophilia to move them, so be it.

Courts! said...

Wow! This is a brilliantly written and hilarious post. I'm so glad I discovered you. I'm a-comin' back.

KLynn said...

This post has me wanting to take a poll: I wonder how many of my students (most of them 18-year-olds from small Midwest towns) know about Chappaquiddick. Something tells me they know enough to associate it with one of those evil liberal Democrats. lol

Was Foley-gate supposed to be the October Surprise? Or was it the North Korea test? Or is it still coming seeing as we still have 2.5 weeks left in the month?

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