Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh, how the bullshit floweth...

Let’s jump right on in shall we?

Conservative talk show hosts hit the airwaves yesterday to rally their listeners in support of Dennis Hastert as Speaker of the House…oh, and to not abandon the Republican Party in their time of need.

A bitch found it interesting that those same hosts failed to mention concern for the young men victimized by a sexual predator now attempting to pass as a gay man…or their families…or the Page system now under review…or the lack of moral accountability in government today.

But clearly they felt the victim in this scandal is Hastert and the Republican morality.



The conservative radio folks obviously had their talking points down.

“Do you want to loose Congress and any hope of an ideological shift on the Supreme Court? Are you willing to throw it all away?”

This bitch mentally filled in what those hypocritical motherfuckers left unsaid.

Do you want to throw it all away…over this?

Do you, the conservative Evangelical right, want to throw away all that power over a few kids and one "bad apple"?

It’s amazing how disposable those lofty values are in the face of the potential loss of power, money and prestige….and it is so telling, almost like a window has opened up into the soul of the RNC and Lawd is it filthy in there.

The obvious question for all of us is…if they are willing to look the other way on this just to maintain power is there any limit to what they are willing to overlook and rationalize…who they are willing to watch be abused year after year…how far they will take America into that muck, even to the point of drowning this great nation in a sea of hypocritical bullshit.

And the bullshit about Hastert not wanting to appear homophobic fails to pass the smell test. If Foley had been a Democrat his ass would already be in jail, his face would lead every political television commercial (probably with wolves mixed in, ‘cause those assholes love the wolf visual) and Tim Russert would be talking about Hastert 2008.

But instead...well...yeah.


Oh, how the bullshit floweth…


CabinDweller said...

One bad apple? It's most of the freaking barrel!

And somehow I doubt the GOP leadership when they say they don't want to appear homophobic. Last I checked, whipping the sheeple into a homophobic frenzy was one of their favorite campaign tactics.

Anonymous said...

Do you, the conservative Evangelical right, want to throw away all that power over a few kids and one "bad apple"?

Not only do I think that's exactly what they're saying, I think they wouldn't hesitate to say it out loud.

~Macarena~ said...

I think claiming he's gay and therefore [insert attack on gays here] will work.

barbie said...

Shark Fu
You are funny funny funny as well as brilliant. Granted there is precious little to laugh about lately but I laugh in spite of myself....You are my inspiration!

Lisa said...

The hypocrisy ASTOUNDS me! I know, sure as my ass sits on this couch typing away, that if it were a DEM, oh good lord, we'd NEVER hear the end of it. And this is like, what? The 70000000th Repug scandal just this damn year? Cripes.

I am sick to death of it. You are right about the desire, nay, compulsion to hold on to that power in the face of ANYthing.

Keep preaching, my sister.

Anonymous said...

Just two things I can't get over... seeing the "(D) Florida" below Foley's name on Fox News, and listening to Sean Hannity say, "Well, when Clinton did it..."

I kind of expected the Clinton thing, but trying to pass Foley off as a Democrat is lower than even I thought they would sink.

Good news, though... means they're scared.

christine mtm said...

the gospel reading for this coming sunday is mark 10:2-16. (remember i'm a preacher) it includes the story of people bringing little children to jesus in order that he might touch them. (the good touch kind of touching).

the news seems to be preaching the exact opposite of this message. especially the news from the conservative right... especially the news from lancaster, pa and earlier in st louis.

think i'll be preaching what jesus really did and said.

think the holy spirit's been working through you and i'm gonna let you both inspire me when i get up into the pulpit.

Anonymous said...


- I can handle Foley claiming the Demon Rum made him do it.

- I can handle him checking into a rehab facility.


- I can even (barely) stomach that he insists claiming it's 'cuz he's a suddenly flaming faggot.

But I nearly drove into a tree when the latest reason hit the news wires - because he was molested by a priest when he was younger.

Oh, you brood of vipers.

Anonymous said...

Breaking headlines from Faux Spews!!!!!!

In response to additional allegations, Foley demands lengthy in-depth probe of pages.

Republicunts say: Nobody could have anticipated the breach of the levis

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