Thursday, October 19, 2006

A bitch has been found out...

A certain Rileysdtr has found a bitch out (wink)! Very good eye, my friend…very good indeed.

This bitch took a spin over at’s Broadsheet yesterday (October 18th) and would like to extend a very sincere thank you to the Broadsheet team and Page Rockwell!

You can get a site pass and read watch the ad and help them pay the bills.

Oh, and Herbsistah may want to check there for a bitch’s thoughts on Madonna and her recent adoption. Note…and I hesitate to write this, but I think this shit needs to be clarified for some newer readers…


This bitch does not have a problem with cross racial adoption. Some people do...I don't. Chil’ren deserve loving homes…’nuff said…and a bitch is on record more than once about that. Same sex, cross racial, single parenting…it’s all good as long as there is a foundation of love and a respect for culture.

Madonna’s adoption strikes me as another kind of thing.

It disturbs me…the use of celebrity and wealth to bend rules, the fact that this child’s father gave up custody because he couldn’t afford to raise his son after the mother died…all of it disturbs.

I find her defense almost more disturbing. She's granted him the opportunity to live a life of luxury...a better life...she saved him, so you just hush.

Hmmm…where have I heard that before?

Oh yes! That’s the language of conquest and conversion for the "good" of the conquered and converted. History is lousy with good intentions gone bad and privilege run amuck. Shit, havn't you seen The Mission (wink)?

What I hear is in her defense is that it’s okay to skirt the law, impose religious requirements on a “humanitarian” donation (and this bitch could give a shit if Catholics do it too...I'm no Catholic) and buy an African baby…as long as you pay an impressive premium and are offering a life of money.

Or did I get that wrong?

This bitch is singing Billie Holliday...hard.

Them thats got shall get
Them thats not shall lose
So the Bible said and it still is news
Mama may have, papa may have
But God bless the child thats got his own

Thats got his own…


Maya's Granny said...

Hollywood celebrities have always adopted children, gotten publicity out of it, and heaven help the child. Now they can go to Africa instead of "the slums" but it seems to me to be the same thing. If she wanted to help, she could set up a trust for the father to keep and support his child. Or find him a decent job so he can do it himself. That, it seems to me, would help.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the sentiment about Madonna's defense of herself.

At this point it seems like a lose-lose scenario for all concerned, which is really sad because I think all had good intentions. Madonna and Guy (who has been curiously left out of this whole discussion as if he has no opinion or voice) must feel that they have to stick to their guns or else admit to being bad people with bad faith, a bitter pill to swallow when they've invested so much time and resources into this philanthropical project. But no matter what these questions are going to be huge throughout their relationship with this boy.

I wish someone closer to the process & the involved parties had raised these questions earlier so that they could have worked things out *before* hitting the court of public opinion. And indeed, if Malawi had not waived its laws someone well might have.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

What would have probably been the better idea, would have been to have provided money to David's family so they could keep him and raise him with his own family and perhaps provide enough support to make the lives of others in David's community better as well.

Having three adopted kids myself, all of a different ethnic/racial heritage than myself, I think this is a little "because I can" grandstanding, though she may not even understand that herself. Celebrities are generally more narcissistic: ( and just more than a tad out of touch with the real world.

Kit B. said...

A Kitty is torn on this one.

As an adopted child...I can say that the best gift I've ever gotten was the one when my parents chose me. My natural family was VERY poor. My adopted family (a term I hate to use as my "adopted" family is the only one I really consider to be my family) is not poor at all.

Could they have used their wealth to help out my biological family and allow them to keep and raise me? Sure. Did they? No. They wanted me. They had a loving home to raise me in, and they did a damned good job of it. My natural mother was a teenager, and not psychologically equipped to deal with raising a child. Throwing money at her would not have helped.

I guess my biggest issue with the Madonna situation is this: Why is such a stink being raised about Madonna adopting a baby when Angelina has adopted so many more under very similar circumstances? Because Madonna pushes buttons, and Santa Angelina works for UNICEF? I'm not a fan of either as a celebrity...but I know absolutely nothing about either as a mother.

If Madonna, Angelina, and the other celebrities who adopt babies of any kind can offer a loving home, who are we to criticize?

Susan D. said...

I THOUGHT that sounded like your "voice" on Broadsheet! Congrats, you've hit the big time now!

If there were one word to describe the whole Madonna adoption thing, I think it would be "icky." Are there not enough kids needing adoption in the US (or in Great Britain where she mostly lives)? And for what she'll spend adopting and raising this one kid, couldn't she sponsor an entire school or community in his home country, allowing large numbers of children to grow up in their native environments, without losing contact with whatever families may remain to them?

ms. jared said...

i've been conflicted about this as well. on the one hand it's great that the child will be loved and cared for, but i wonder why these wealthy celebrities don't do more to help the families and villages so that families can stay together rather than take the children for themselves.

it just doesn't seem right to me somehow.

Maven said...

Here's the rub, there are so many children living right here in the U.S., the land of Madonna's birth... who are living in abject poverty. Why outsource to other countries for a child? There are plenty of the home-grown variety right here.

Your article on Salon has all of the earmarks of that old Christian adage: You feed a man a fish, he eats for one day; you TEACH a man to fish, he eats the rest of his life.

I agree with all of your points in your article. No one needs "rescuing." If anything, they just need to become EMPOWERED with the means and ability to pull themselves out of their own situations. There's only so far "throwing money" at a situation will go.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why people are so upset about this. She's giving the kid a better life and the father consented to this, so what if she's a celibrity, sheesh.

dwilliams said...

I hardly know what to believe in the media anymore, but I just read an article saying that Madonna has decorated David's nursery "with giant murals of tigers and lions."

Did Lourdes and Rocco have murals of tigers and lions in their nurseries? Why do I get the feeling that the child is going to be brought up with the message that "Africa" = the set of the Lion King?

The problem is that Madonna shouldn't raise David differently than Lourdes or Rocco. Yet to rase him like them is to raise some serious moral questions. How can you give a child a $5000 rocking horse when his father is living hand to mouth, having had to borrow a bicycle to visit him in the orphanage?

Anonymous said...

Madonna's whole career has been nothing but acting out hedonistic adolescent fantasy. If she wanted to help she would have united David Banda with his father, found a truly orphaned child--perhaps one in her own country to be novel, and/or stayed the 18 months in country the law requires. I'm sure the boy will love growing up being the only black child in his family. It cerainly is hard keeping up with the Jolies . . . I mean Jones.

Anonymous said...

anonymous you know perfectly well what's wrong with this situation--that's why you're posting anonymously.

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