Thursday, October 26, 2006

No message could have been any clearer...

Yes, this bitch caught Madonna on Oprah yesterday.

Hit pause.

Note – a bitch is switching to an affected Detroit meets London via New York and Miami accent.

Hit play.

No, a bitch is not moved to change my opinion.

Blink…blink again, as if trying to gain composure.

Honestly (very haughty here, please), the show made my head hurt terribly.


Something about watching two of the world’s richest women (watch your phrasing, now…you know the rich speak slowly and carefully)…two women known internationally by their first name…discuss whether money and celebrity makes shit happen faster in Africa blew my mind.

Dust unseen dust particle from sleeve.

I must confess that this bitch is a trained Anthropologist (Aaaahnthowpologist…more air = more British, right?), not a pop star. I almost hesitate to weigh in on the cultural implications of “everyone”…and that means folks on holiday (that’s what they call a vacation ‘cross “The Pond”) from the developed world…who visits Africa “saving a life” via adoption.

Again, I am not a pop star…sniff…but it seems to me that Madonna was moved…deeply moved…very moved, almost to tears but for her the poverty and disease she witnessed and wanted to give a child a "better" life. In reality, she has no idea whether money influenced the process...unless I missed something in her over-documented personal history, she has never tried to adopt in Africa whilst broke.


None of this would matter if it didn't confuse a poorly understood to aid Africa without fucking up again and/or removing Africans.


As for Oprah’s praise of Madonna as brave...well, a bitch shall borrow one of Ms. O’s favorite words…I’m shocked, SHOCKED (lots of air and hit the “C” hard) to hear such praise being tossed about.

Drop accent…Gawd, how the fuck does she maintain that? Jesus, that shit is tiresome.


The aid workers on the ground are brave…the organizations that have worked for years to address the damage done by colonial neglect, war, corruption and greed are brave. The doctors and foundations working to end death by malaria, which took David’s mother’s life, are brave. The humanitarians who advocate debt forgiveness…those who advocate for adjusted pricing of meds and food...the activists who venture into Darfur to document the unthinkable so that no one can ever say they didn’t know are brave.

Madonna going on Oprah to discuss the drama of being that baby's sorta-momma?

Uh, no.

As for shame, because according to Ms. Thang I’m supposed to be ashamed of myself (blink)…I don’t think so. International adoption and what Madonna just done did are two radically different species. Trust me…I’ve friends who waited YEARS to adopt from abroad, who spent their life savings to bring their child to America and who did so out of love and want, not pity or misplaced guilt.

Shit, they even managed to get it done without a film crew and a dance sequence.

Mayhap Madonna should look at the diva in the mirror and make that change...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you!

ChasingMoksha said...

Fuck Madonna!

Anonymous said...

My issue is the fact that people refuse to understand that Africa's problems stem directly from colonialism. The countries who colonized, fucked things up then skated away without having to ever give back to the continent should be fined heavily. We all know who the usual suspects are.Repayment is in order here! The colonizers need to be held accountable financially!! It pisses me off to think about this. Now I'm all riled up!

monami said...

My issue with all this is that David, the child, has a parent already. If it was about providing a better home, more food, etc for the baby, Madonna could have just had her accountant wire $200 a month to help David's parent care for him.

Instead, she decided (and by "she" I mean "rich white western lady") she would be a better parent. She decided what was best for him, small black poor infant.

It infuriates me. Its not about the child, its about her wants.

Femigog said...

It bothers me that Oprah hails Madonna as brave for taking a child from his native place AND "black" FATHER to be raised by a white family. How is that brave? Especially when you consider that it was likely done with the bare minimum of discomfort on her part and a maximum amount of distress on the part of the father and the now fatherless and nationally displaced child. I am tired of folks thinking that they are doing kids a favor by making them spoiled Americans...

Conseula said...

I have a similar distaste (distrust?) for Oprah's planned "leadership academy" for girls in South Africa. She's planning on hand-picking the students, who will be taken from their homes and housed at the shcool. Am I the only one bothered by the icky colonial feel of this project? While there are many things about Oprah that trouble me, I'm always the most disturbed when she seems to be at her humanitarian best.

gr8face said...

Africa's problems go deeper than money. Europe gives billions to hand picked crooked leaders who drive BMWs while their people starve to death. Madonna just adds to the problem. This last episode just gives me more reason to hate, yes hate, the pair of them--O & M.

Anonymous said...

I have always found Oprah and Madonna to be out of touch and self-righteous. I can never understand why people opt for the "exotic" adoptions when there are so many children in need of adoption in their own countries.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell wrote an interesting column about this topic.

BZZZT said...


exsqueeze me!

Anonymous said...

Mary Mitchell's opinion piece was just that...her opinion. For me it just brought back the same b.s. Blacks are pissed because of colonialism, diaspora, blah, blah blah. If Oprah had done it, we would praise her blah blah blah. If Madonna wants to adopt then fine, she should follow the rules. For her to believe that she could do this "quietly" is a crock. All hail Madonna and all her good works whatevs. How's about throwing some money at Detroit? There are thousands of Daniels there.

Anonymous said...

They need to get rid of their mayor, first. ;-)

I think Madonna's intentions are good but it comes across as kind of weird, although adoption can seem kind of weird, anyway. I mean, prospective adoptive parents often go to these events where they parade the kids, like at the pound or something.

It's often difficult for people over 35 in the U.S. to adopt children. That's one reason why there are so many adoptions from China and Romania - their age limits are much higher than in the U.S.

That kid sure hit the jackpot.

Anonymous said...

Btw, Madonna isn't from "Detroit" - she graduated from high school in a wealthy northern suburb. But, she's been talking with that weird affected accent since the 80s. She HAS been living in London since the late-90s, but the accent's been there way longer than that...

She dated Basquiat, btw... And danced with Alvin Ailey... I believe that's her "artsy fartsy" accent.