Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Did he just say 'trust'?

A quick quizzical…
Two Americans have been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. Their work proves how galaxies are formed…and is being hailed for moving theory into precise science.

So, did they prove Big Bang or didn’t they?

A bitch wonders if anyone would have the courage to report it if someone actually did prove Big Bang.

That kind of news could spark some serious drama in today’s Evangelical climate.



Did he say trust?
A bitch certainly isn’t one to give Scooter B. advice, but is now a good time to use words like ‘trust’?

I’m just saying!

Shit, a bitch understands that going on the attack is an option during shit storms like the one currently showering Scooter B.'s administration.

But the goal is to distract the masses, not remind them that…well…***cough***...you and yours are not to be trusted.

I mean really…of all the words in the English language to use!


As in trust the words coming out of his mouth?

Or do he mean, trust that his administration will fight on behalf of working families?

Oh, was he talking about accountability and oversight?

He can't be referring to trusting them to avoid the corruption of power, money and the influence it can buy.

Did he say trust?

Sniff…double sniff.

I'm going to trust my nose instead...


Anonymous said...

I "trust" that Congress has proven the "big bang" theory this past week! ;)

Beenzzz said...

They won't own up to their misgivings. I just like what's happening to them lately. Makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Big Bang theory has not been proven. Big Bang theory will never be proven, b/c that is not how science works. Science works by making a prediction based on current knowledge and then searching for the results of that prediction. The big-bang theory predicts that the first light after the Big Bang should have a particular composition of wavelengths, which would indicate that the whole universe started out at a uniform (very HOT) temperature before expanding into the clumpy and cold state that we now observe. This was a key prediction of Big Bang theory, and the finding is a major piece of support for Big Bang theory.

As for today's evangelical climate, the COBE findings are 14 years old. Even 14 years ago, the Big Bang was a theory and not a hypothesis. It didn't make a dent 14 years ago, and it won't today. Evangelicals are not interested in evidence.

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