Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yesterday’s rampage at an Amish school, on top of the assaults and murder recently at a Colorado school, just break my heart and trouble my soul.

The incidents themselves are disturbing…they were each planned in advance, involved heavily armed adult men who were not affiliated with the schools yet specifically targeting girls and young women for assault and murder.

And the ramifications will ripple out into time for years…for ever.

My prayers go out to this community and the families touched by this tragedy.


Anonymous said...

You forgot - two Wednesdays ago there was a school shooting north of the border in Montreal. Some loser shot up a college.

Shark-fu said...

I think my mind is trying to block these things.

My friend and fellow blogger Jeremy (The Tao of Jeremy on my blogroll) lives near that school in Montreal and wrote about it.

Weasel said...

I could cry, just hearing about these things.

Heaven have mercy on the families.

Nakeisha said...

As if school shootings - whether in Canada or the U.S - weren't bad enough, now it's shooting IN schools. Not victims of bullying fed up with it all, now it's men from outside the schools. It brings back memories here (in Canada) of the murdered women in Montreal, almost 17 years ago. It is very disturbing. I can't say that it's always females killed, but the Amish one should really be labelled an execution of little girls. Does that in itself have meaning? Again, the acts themselves seem to have no meaning to the ones left behind. scary...and sad.

Anonymous said...

I can’t but feel that in addition to the overall hatred, maddnes and potential mental illnesses of the shooters both of these cases smack of some deep-seated misogyny. When you ask the boys to leave the room and execute (and in at least one case sexually assault the victims) If he shooters would have singled the victim out by race we would be having some sort of a national conversation (perhaps just a conversation) regardless the hatred of girls and women in this country again is way down second.