Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Send him back?

Missouri is in the final days of our political primary frenzyfication and a bitch was not surprised to see an increase in political mailings and ads.

What did surprise me…and then it pissed me the hell off…was that a certain 'hey its an election year, so now I’m going to show my fucking face in the state I was elected to represent' Senator Jim Talent has placed his media buy early and placed that panderific piece of shit to run...ASAmotherfuckingP.

Okay, son…I know all that money has been burning a hole in your useless pocket, but daaaaammmmnn!

Honey, you don’t have a primary.

Mayhap some consultant told you that you might want to introduce yourself to the people? Well, that’s a motherfucking incumbent like you running radio ads about how your name is Jim Talent and you’ve been doing a good job.


Shit, if you were throwing down in the kitchen people would be lined up to get a plate!


At least the first television ad was amusing. There was something about ‘it’s not what you promise, it’s what you deliver’ that had a bitch laughing so hard my ass barely made it to the bathroom.

Good stuff…very Enron –Ask Why. Uh, no...that's not a good thing.

But then…yesterday, while a bitch was driving home and listening to 104.9 FM…love it...some crazy assed radio ad came on and…well...Lawd, have mercy!

Send him back?
The ad was weak on substance…because there isn’t much to work with…and heavy on the 'I love black people'. I don’t know who that sister is…and I hope to Gawd she took y’all for some serious cash...but she really, really, really likes Jim Talent.


Who the fuck knows, because she sure as shit wasn't getting paid to get into the details.

Basically, the spokesperson thinks we (black people since 104.9FM has a majority black listenership) should vote for him (Jim of the materializing every 6 years Talent) because he’s a good man who doesn’t believe in dwelling on our differences.

Oh, and she trusts him.

Oh, oh and he is a really, really, really good person...who can be trusted.

Got that?


Hold it!


This election is a fucking job review for Senator Jim Talent.

Brothers and sisters don’t fall for an insulting deluge of radio ads placed by a candidate with heavy pockets and no substance.

Don’t reward the insult of 'I like black people every 6 years' advertising with one of the most powerful weapons you possess…your vote.

Uh, uh.

Hell no!

Challenge this motherfucker…challenge his record…make him explain himself.

He failed to speak out on the Senate floor against the rampant spending festival of greed his party has participated in since gaining the majority. Ask him where the surplus went.

I already know where it didn't go.

Talent did vote in favor of massive cuts to student loan programs…social welfare programs…child support programs. $40 million dollars cut…less money sent to that the fat cats could spend it elsewhere on bridges to nowhere and museums of bullshit. These deep cuts impact rural and city dwellers…all ethnic and racial groups…our seniors and those who are mentally disabled.

A society...and a candidate...should be judged on how they address the most vulnerable among us. How's he look on that family value scale?

Ask Jim Talent why the working poor have to carry the burden in his Missouri. Why, when Missouri is hemorrhaging jobs…when raises aren’t happening and the cost of everything is going up…when it is so fucking hard to pay your gas bill and almost impossible to fill up your car with fuel…why did he support a reform to bankruptcy law that shows a better understanding of corporate lobbying talking points than the day to day struggle of the working poor in Missouri?

Ask him why he stands where he stands on stem cell research.

Ask him if he has made any mistakes…if he wishes he could have done something different…how slashing social programs in a time of economic stagnation helps Missouri families…why he has dedicated himself to flag burning when there are people hungry and without medical coverage in Missouri.

Ask Jim Talent where the hell he's been for the past 6 years and give him the job review that elections are all about.

And, by doing so, demonstrate to him and his advisors that the black vote no longer rewards panderific language delivered with paid for passion.

Let them know that they must achieve our vote…or concede the field to she who would.


Jim said...

Not to be picky, but the beady-eyed one has only been in the Senate for four years. He snatched Jean Carnahan's seat in a special election in 2002, after she spent only two years in the Senate. Talent, of the talent-less Talents, does have four GOP primary challengers. If you have time, I’d recommend you visit and check out “Main Street Missouri.” It’s very ‘PBS meets ignorant senator from Missouri.”

Shark-Fu said...

Can't you give a bitch a break (wink)? Shit, wasn't he in the House from 1993 through 2001?

His ass has been out to lunch on the tax payer's dime for 13 years!


That is beyond fucked up...

Katy said...

Smarmy bastard. I have sent him many angry letters and you know what kind of response I get? I got listed on the Jim Talent SPAM LIST. A little newsletter for his for right supporters telling me how he is going to put a stop to baby killing and stem cell research once and for all. Thanks asshole, that's the opposite of what you're supposed to do.

~Macarena~ said...

Even though I knew nothing about him, I knew the name was a damn lie. He doesn't even have a talent for bullshit.

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