Thursday, July 27, 2006

The death of Ms. Sistergirl VAIO...

A bitch’s laptop, Ms. Sistergirl VAIO, has died.


No, I didn’t loose the book in progress.

Yes, it was very old and illish.

But shit.

On top of that, my cell phone is in the final stages of phone death too. The #8 no longer works…it sometimes forgets to tell me that people have called…and it heats up when used for more than 3 minutes.

Thank goodness a new cell phone has arrived. Apparently, I qualified for it two years ago. Who knew? It has a camera. I’ll probably figure out how to use it in a couple of years.

As for Ms. Sistergirl VAIO, a bitch is shopping for her replacement. A certain Gatsby’s Ghost is recommending a MacBook/1.83GHz, which also takes pictures.

What’s up with all this taking of pictures while typing and chatting, anyway?


You will be missed, Ms. Sistergirl VAIO….


Jonzee said...

When my PC died, I swore I would simply buy another pc. I ended up with a Mac (and I am an IBM kid...imagine that convo in my house, LMAO)

I love my Mac...

I will never (maybe) go back.

Go Mac, Homes. Though it takes a bit to get used to, you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Get the Mac. Lawd knows it would be nice to see your smiling face every now and then. (As opposed to HERE, which took some sleuthing on my part to find a snap of you to add to my collection.)

~Macarena~ said...

Farewell, Ms. Sistergirl. Thank you kindly for bringing me high-larious news about a bitch, whose style I adore. The best parts are all the references to the afro. Perhaps she deserves her own name, as in "an afro hurts"?

You qualify for a new phone as your contract runs out because they want to make you sign up again for two years. Watch out for the camera and the messaging. I thought I could connect my phone to a kickass computer, but no, you have to e-m the pictures! What's that smell? And Cingular charges for all messaging, even if it's unsolicited. I asked them to shut it off.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Honey, the public has spoken. And if you get the MacBook, I promise to show you how to use anything you need help with--and I assure you I will not drool on it. Or at least, I'll wipe up.

Oh, and you do get a choice of that in either sleek white or stylish black.

Anonymous said...

Mac! I am very fond of my 2 year old MacBook, and they are only getting better.

"Radical" Russ said...

Your cell phone dilemma reminds me of the old Steven Wright routine:

"I just bought a new phone. It was really cheap. Later, I found out why: the phone has no six on it.

"So one day I'm walking down the street and I run into an old friend. He says, 'Hey, Steven, what's up? You never call me anymore.'

"I said, 'I can't call everybody I want to. My phone has no six.

"He says, 'Wow, that's weird. How long have you had it?'

"I don't know. My calendar has no twos."

Ginger Mayerson said...

Sorry about Sistergirl. What was she doing before she went? My VIAO with no name is acting up a little and this causes me much fear even though I do back up compulsively because I do have a book or two to lose.

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