Thursday, July 27, 2006

A public hearing...

A bitch read this shit with surprise...followed by bitchitude.

As co-guardian of an autistic sibling in residential treatment, I have had some run ins with the Missouri Department of Mental Health. So, the opportunity to participate in a public hearing was encouraging.

Until I noticed the date…which is next week, August 3rd…and the time...which is 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

Sniff, sniff.


Yeah, that’s bullshit for sure.

Why the fuck would you announce an open meeting with one week notice and schedule it in the middle of the motherfucking day?

Because you don’t really want to hear a damned thing from the public, that's why.

This stinks of some paper pusher crossing this to-do off his or her list with a smirk.

Fuck that.

A bitch has a lot of questions.

And my angry black ass will be there, front and center.


Public Hearing
In St. Louis from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 3, at the Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center's multipurpose room, 5351 Delmar Boulevard.

Lawd, give me strength!


ben said...

A request if you will...

Kick some ass?

christine mtm said...

yeah, kick some ass. my son was just officially diagnoised with severe autism two weeks ago. we expected it, but it's still hard to hear. took the family out for dinner that night and tried to explain to his 7 yr old sister what was going on. i thought of you and your brother and i felt hopeful.

Gina said...

PLEASE give 'em some for me, LONG distance!

Brian said...

The Missouri Dept. Of Mental Health is a mess. Seems that every week I am reading or hearing about something crazy that they are doing. Blunt has slashed the budget (which was already too small), and is closing assisted living facilities. Where will those residents go??? The State doesn't seem to care...

Just yesterday, the death of a young man who was burned to death in an assisted living facility was ruled a homicide. That case took place a few months back.

There is a history in this State of assisted living residents in State care being abused....

But on the issue of mental health.... what is happening is... with all the cuts in funding, people are not getting their medication, aren't getting care, etc and some end up on the the community, wreaking havoc, doing things that they shouldn't be doing... causing problems for law enforcement, hospitals, etc. and in the end..the tax payers end up actually paying just as much (if not more), than if they would paid if care was properly provided from the beginning.

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