Thursday, September 20, 2012

A quick note on fast food politics…

I’m sure that there are folks who are encouraged and blah, blah, followed by blah.

But the reality is that Chick-fil-A showed that their flawed value having kitchen is filthy and I’m not going to forget that shit just because they are now saying they won’t allow filth mongers back there anymore. 

Fuck ‘em.

Since fast food companies have started to come out as ig’nant, I’ve discovered many a progressive local eatery where I can score a tasty sandwich without lining the pockets of some bigot who you know and I know will make a private donation to anti-equality groups and candidates to offset the donations Chick-fil-A is sorta-claiming they’re no longer going to make.

Those are two of my favorite local joints where y'all can score yummified goodness minus the bitter metallic aftertaste of social conservative bullshit.

Bon appetit!

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