Friday, September 07, 2012

As we go forward…

Happy Friday, y’all!

Shall we?

Last night President Obama accepted the nomination of his party and made the case why voters should cast a ballot for him to remain in office for a second term.

Today we get to work.

Politics is still local and elections are still won or lost on the ground. 

Most states have races that should have every registered voter fired up and ready to go.  The contrasts couldn’t be greater…and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

So get up in the business of people you know…ask them if they are registered to vote and make sure they know how important this election is.  Find out if you live in a voter id state and, if you do, make sure everyone you know understands what that means.   

Ask them if they have a state issued id…and, if they don’t, help them get one.

Better safe than a victim of a poll tax revival come November.

We’ve got 60 days to go, y’all.

Let’s do this!

***logs off and prepares to fight***

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Rileysdtr said...

Having watched both covnentions, one thing that stood out for me time and time again - the Democrats looked like America (white, black, brown, beige and yellow; young, old, thin, fat, etc.) while the Republicans looked like some fantasy Ward and June Cleaverworld (White.) It became a "where's Waldo" game as my family searched the audience for non-white Republican attendees. We tallied one black lady and one dude who may have been southeast Asian. That was IT.

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