Friday, September 28, 2012

Like a lady…

Let’s jump right on in, shall we?

Akin got in the way of his own attempt at post-debate spin when he said McCaskill was more “ladylike” during her debate in 2006.


For real.


Now, some folk are hyper-focusing on Akin’s use of the term “ladylike”…and I get that, because that shit well known code for a woman who doesn’t race barefoot to the kitchen after folding some assholes shirts.

I’m more interested in Akin’s entire verbal malfunction, because it speaks to his deep-seated dislike of women.
"I think we have a very clear path to victory, and apparently Claire McCaskill thinks we do, too, because she was very aggressive at the debate, which was quite different than it was when she ran against Jim Talent."

"She had a confidence and was much more ladylike, but in the debate on Friday she came out swinging, and I think that's because she feels threatened."
Fascinating use of misogynist code!


Men who “come out swinging” display strength and conviction.

Women who do the same are aggressive, defensive, and…wait for it…unladylike.


You know and I know that Akin’s resume is so chock full of extremism that anyone running against him has to jump right up in that kitchen and take over lest Akin dodge his public statements in favor of the diluted freak juice Team Akin thinks they can sneak past Missouri voters.

Methinks Todd Akin spent way too much time of his bus getting advice from a certain submission-is-for-you-but-not-for-me Phyllis Schlafly.

I’m betting that Senator McCaskill is operating on the political reality that well-behaved women rarely make history.

And odds are that's why Akin is so distressed.

He sure as shit is in it, but Missouri can not afford for his throw-back ass to win it.

***logs off to go make some unladylike social change***

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Peterr said...

You're pretty poorly-behaved yourself, Shark-Fu.


But Akin's not the only one who is so distressed. So are Roy Blunt, Kit Bond, Jim Talent, the MO state GOP leadership, and all the national republicans who formerly called for him to quit the race that now are getting behind him again.

There are more flip flops in this race than on an Australian Flip-Flop Tree.

It's enough to make you think that the national GOP thinks Romney will lose, so they better work harder to try to take control of the Senate again . . . which means backing Todd Akin.

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