Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Quick hits…

By request – September…

Happy September, y’all!

A certain Melissa from New Haven asked that I republish a post about my brother’s former favorite song, September. Her roommate recommended it and she couldn’t find it.

Here’s the link, Melissa -> http://angryblackbitch.blogspot.com/2006/06/by-request-september.html


An NHL fret…

I’m emerging from the Labor Day holiday full of fretful thoughts over the NHL labor dispute that has now entered the countdown phase and could fuck up the season. I noticed some fans berating players on Twitter and…well, that’s not the route I’d go.  Seriously, fussing at players who are resisting what appears to be a money grab by owners for a bigger share of increased revenues that are the result of the players labor strikes me as intellectually lazy.

Catch that knee!

I’m as eager for hockey as anyone.  But I know that the history of professional hockey is littered with players getting screwed…I’m a Blues fan because of the team, not the people in suits…and the only people more motivated to see skates hit ice than my ass are NHL hockey players.

So I stand with the players even as I offer hourly prayers to the hockey gods.

On whether I’m better off today than I was four years ago…

Apparently, the campaign trail has heated up post GOP convention with the Republican challenge that voters ponder the question of whether we’re better off today than we were four years ago.

My answer?


I’m serious.

Four years ago I, like all Americans, had a damn near mortal economic wound and didn’t even know it! 

We had an election and no one told me about it.

And then the market was crashing…the economy was in a nosedive…and we were on the brink of The Great Depression Round 2.

Four years ago, the nation experienced the equivalent of returning home after leaving a teen alone at home for the first time.  Some of us knew that the teen wasn’t ready, but we were overruled by the damned majority.  So leave the unready teen in charge we did…and then we returned home, hoping for the best but thinking we were prepared for the worse.  

But we underestimated just how much fucking up a veteran fuck up can accomplish in 8 years...and woke up to that harsh reality during the transition from Bush to Obama.

The question of whether I’m better off today than I was four years ago is easy to answer.

I mean, you’d have to be completely out of touch and desperate with it to decide to remind my voting ass that the last CEO in Chief left the nation facing a situation that was damn near FUBAR…

…or perhaps Romney/Ryan is betting on benefiting from the short-term memory of American voters like Bush the II did in 2004.


Anyhoo, this week brings the DNC in Charlotte and then the games really begin! 


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