Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tied up 2 games to 2 and heading to back to Chicago, baby…

A bitch and C-Money watched Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night!

Daaaaaaamn, that was some serious shit!

Confession - I watched it again this morning.

The Flyers came on strong and play was rough as hell.  Some are pointing to bad calls or a lack of calls by the refs…and Lawd knows this was a bad week for sports officiating in general (wince)…but I didn’t think the refs fucked this one up any more than they usually fuck a game up.

Catch that knee!

I know things look different when you’re a fan of one team or the other…no need to hurt a bitch (wink).

Anyhoo, the third period was a gem…the Hawks came back roaring and the last few minutes ticked by with one goal separating the Hawks from overtime!

Alas, overtime was not in the cards last night.

The Flyers empty net goal closed the deal and they won Game 4 with a score of 5 to 3.

And yes, VPOTUS Joey B. and Jill Biden were at the game.

Methinks Jill is a Flyers fan.

Who knew?

Anyhoo, this series now heads back to Chicago for a Sunday Game 5 – and this bitch suspects the officials will be in for an earful of “suggestions” from Hawks fans.

Can't wait, can't wait...CAN'T WAIT!


NC17 said...

i'm so upset espn has been showing no real love to the series, after a rocky start it's come on strong. Lets go Flyers

Shark-Fu said...

NC17 - yeah, its all Versus or NBC with replays on the NHL channel. Gawd help those who don't have cable or a dish!

CR said...

I don't have cable or a dish, but at least I could listen to part of the game through a Philadelphia radio station's website. I watched the highlights on YouTube about 50 times.

Hockey beats all sports. I chaperoned a field trip to a minor-league baseball game in Des Moines recently. It was great to be there with my daughters and their friends of course, and I was excited to be able to explain why the three base-runners ran with a 3-and-2 count with two outs, but come on: Nothing beats hockey, especially playoff hockey.

My brother went to Game 3 (and presumably Game 4). He said it was electric.

crystalsaurus rex said...

While I know the answer - did you see last night's game? Crazy amazing. Playoff games aren't supposed to be that high-scoring.

While i'm just an occasional hockey fan, and really learning via my partner, I loved that Chicago booed Chris Pronger - apparently his d-bagness transcends to all fans ;)

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