Friday, June 11, 2010

Enough to make this bitch’s ‘fro ache…

A woman was a teacher at a Christian school in Florida.

She was engaged to marry.

She got married.

She found out she was pregnant.

She went to administration to let them know she’d need maternity leave.

The school administration asked when she got pregnant.

She told them the truth...that she conceived three weeks prior to her wedding but didn’t know she was pregnant until afterward.

The school fired the woman for fornication

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

The school then told students and parents the woman’s personal bitness...specifically when she conceived and why she was fired.

The woman sued. posted an article.

A bitch read the article…and it made my ‘fro ache.


Rewind to them asking the teacher when she conceived…

What the fuck? 

I wouldn’t have answered that shit…’tis none of their damn business and, short of hacking her doctor’s computer, they wouldn’t be able to find it out any other way.

But okay…clearly we’re dealing with one of those super honest people and she probably didn’t anticipate the school doing the math and then condemning her as a fornicator in the town square.


Let’s move on to the school telling everyone and their dawg this woman’s business...

Oh, hell no! 

I don’t give a hot damn what religious blah, blah, blah a school is associated with – they are still subject to basic privacy laws and there ain’t no way in hell to spin that kind of disclosure as legal.


And now to the pesky issue of faith in the classroom.

If a woman who becomes pregnant and marries loses everything for fornication…

…does that promote abstinence, lying about when a pregnancy was conceived or termination of pregnancy should marriage not be an option?

If you're damned either way, what way do you go?

Pause...sip more coffee...continue.

But hey, the church in question managed to attack a lovely family in their efforts to defend so-called family values – way to sell us heathens on the joyous benefits of faith in the classroom!



karen c. said...

Shark-Fu, you make my day. Even when the news is bleak and sad, reading it from you-- written in your voice-- makes my day.

LisaMJ said...

This country is losing its collective damn mind! Seriously.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Now, I'm not one to advocate violence, but I read a story like this and wonder if I'd shed a goddamn tear if someone burned down that church....

Shark-Fu said...

Tisk followed by task, Jeff - one does not lead the ig'nant to enlightenment through terror..

Joanna said...

Hmmm.... I wonder if they would ask a male teacher who is recently married and whose wife is expected when HIS child was conceived... somehow I truly doubt it!

Anonymous said...

This is absurd!

NC17 said...

well she did have pre marital sex and she works at a Christian school. How is she going to teach those young jesus lovers about respecting god's word if she's clearly broken a big rule of the faith. Next time she should play it like those catholic priest who sleep around, DON'T SAY ANYTHING.

Elusis said...

Hey, I give this school props for at least being consistent. The whole angsty letter from the Catholic Church about how terrible it would be if ENDA passes because then they'd have to hire people who have sex that Catholics don't approve of? Pisses me off a treat not only because it's WRONG and BIGOTED, but because I'm pretty sure the CC doesn't refuse to hire straight people who live with their unmarried partners, had sex before marriage, have affairs, masturbate, use contraception, got married in a church other than the CC, etc. The inappropriate focus on GLB people's sex lives when the CC lets straight employees act in non-Church-approved ways makes me furious. So hey, at least this school isn't playing the double standard game.

(Obviously I'm furious about what happened to her and think it's wildly inappropriate and hope she sues the living shit out of them.)

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Over half a century ago, something similar happened to my mother when she conceived my brother. The priest told her to sneak to a relative's place in the country, put the baby up for adoption, and return like nothing happened. Instead, she married my father who had been divorced. The same priest started the paperwork to have her excommunicated.

It's deplorable that similar kinds of rigid, religious fanaticism and bigotry goes on today right here in our own backyards.

And like another commenter said, would they have done this had the teacher been a male?

MomTFH said...

Elusis, I have to disagree. Would they fire a male employee for fornicating? Would they fire them for disobeying any other commandment? What if they did work on the sabbath, or ate shellfish?

She is punished for being pregnant. If she used birth control and fornicated, she would have a job. If she had an abortion, she would have a job.

If she broke every commandment except for murder, she would still have a job.

This is about controlling women's sexuality, not about enforcing biblical law.

Stella said...

I'd like to think that my reply to their inquiry would have been "Gosh, I'm really not sure when it happened. Maybe it was the day when that angel appeared and told me that I was pregnant."

Liberty and justice for all, huh? Good for her for filing suit.

Anonymous said...

Not only ridiculous, but stupid. I mean, seriously, they MUST have known they are asking for a lawsuit. One which they cannot even dream of winning. In what kind of mind did this ever seem like a good idea? These religious ideologues/educators don't even have basic self-preservation skills.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster. The way the administrators behaved is grounds for a lawsuit, and I sincerely hope the teacher in question files one. Unfortunately, many of us who work for private entities - myself included - encounter the risk for such abuse on a daily basis. Additionally, we teach and work in the absence of a union, and, in some cases, a legit. HR department. Therefore, knowing one's rights is necessary and important.

Mr. C said...

Nobody involved wants to admit two things.

1) If it were the husband who was teaching, he would NOT have been fired.

2) If it were not an interracial couple, she would NOT have been fired.

These folks are uncomfortable with interracial couples, and were just looking for an excuse to get rid of her.

St. Cloud, Florida isn't the most progressive place in the land...

spuddley said...

Most organized religions seem to have begun with good intentions, anyhow. Keep that higher ground.
I gonna listen again to the Temptations - Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today).

Museling said...

Ironic considering they worship a man who was conceived out of wedlock.

JT said...

There's a part of me that celebrates when stuff like this goes down (Though it's gotta suck for all involved). It's like the fatwah's issued from Islam encouraging women to breast feed their co-workers so they can be unveiled and unescorted around these men. It's something so absurd that it has to send a wake up call to people...why are you listening to what these men have to say?

And one of the most absurd things...she said she had conceived the baby 3 weeks before the wedding. It's not like it was a shot-gun wedding. And it's not like it was even conceived in some "Hey, you finally popped the question!" celebration sex...Just some, "Wow, we're practically a married couple going about our lives" sex.

Get yourself a hobby religious folk. The "Other People's Sex Lives" show has run its course and you've all seen the boink'n without your magic ceremony and approval episode enough to be bored with it.

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