Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Hawks win the Cup...

NHL hockey has come to an end.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the cup with an overtime goal by Patrick Kane...of all the no cab fare paying Vanilla Ice hair having Hawks to score the cup winner (wink).


The Flyers played their hearts out...and won a fan in St. Louis (as long as they aren't playing my Blues).

A bitch sincerely hopes my beloved Blues were watching...and I hope they are bitter as hell watching that celebratory shit.

Get hungry, boys...get real fucking hungry and then lace it up and skate for it all next season!


Fuck it.





Love it!

And a bitch can't wait until next season...

***logs off to drink vodka and talk trash about Kane's hair with C-Money***


Marona said...

Go Chicago!! It's historic, too. Not since 1961 have they won the Stanley Cup. I'm pretty happy.

As far as football is concerned, I'm hoping the Chicago Bears will be able to pull through for another Super Bowl.

Shark-Fu said...


My Blues have never won the Cup...but there's always next year.

CR said...


Rileysdtr said...


Although 4 Cups for my Red Wings means this is not my first rodeo, as a many-years-transplanted-Chicagoan, this IS this first time I have enjoyed triumph in the town I lived in, and it's electric.

I was choked up last night, not only because it has been a great year for hockey (yay Olympics!) but for my Dearly Beloved, a Chicago native and formerly bitter, bitter antifan. I coaxed her for years to watch hockey on TV with me, got her to go see the Chicago Wolves play in person (that hooked her good.... much Wolves gear in the house) but after last year's playoffs run she let herself believe - just a little. We went to home games, she even bought a Blackhawks tshirt... last night watching Bobby Hull and all the old Blackhawks shed tears of joy, she cried along.

So to all my Chicago neighbors who endured 49 years of wandering in the desert through Dollar Bill's reign of terror and the destruction of a once-rabid fan base and a once-proud Original Six team: the roar is back. The Cup is yours. Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Fu, don't you have a challenge to make about dye and ink and the 2011 race for the cup?


Shark-Fu said...


'Tis true, I do.

A bitch has pledged to die my 'fro Blue should my beloved Blues advance in the playoffs next year...

...and get a tattoo of the Cup & Blue note on my ass if they win it all (wink).

BrentSTL said...

I still dream of the day when I - and puckheads everywhere - get to see our beloved Bluenote parade Lord Stanley down Market Street to the Scottie!

Our. Day. Is. Coming.


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