Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pondering vehicular sermons…

A bitch was out driving Ms Sistah Girl Cabrio yesterday.  It’s hot as hell in St. Louis and lots of folks are driving like they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.  So, I wasn’t all that surprised when a silver mini van sped up and cut me off, failing to yield to oncoming traffic and damn near causing a multi-car accident on Lindell.


I cautiously pulled up behind said mini van…and took note of the multiple preachified anti-choice bumper stickers populating its ass.

There’s nothing like having a Choose Life mini van, complete with a driver chatting feverishly on her cell phone, bob and weave at high speeds through city traffic…it really sends a message (wince).

I couldn’t stop staring at the Woman, Behold Thy Son sticker as the van cut back and forth and then swerved into the Walgreen’s parking lot…finally coming to a screeching halt.

It got me thinking about the recent news that Massachusetts is considering Choose Life license plates.

The way I see it, some cars just drive about, other cars drive about sending messages (end the war, tolerate each other, adopt a pet and so forth)…but certain cars drive about giving vehicular sermons.

This bitch thinks that folks should consider that shit before getting a Choose Life license plate to go with a series of biblical quote bumper stickers on their silver mini vans.

‘Cause either the driver of that mini van was borrowing someone else’s ride…

… or she feels strongly that the masses should “Choose Life” by staying off the fucking road while she’s on it.

Mayhap the sticker should say that shit…Choose Life – Stay Out of My fucking Way?


Either way, when a driver anoints their car with sanctified ideology they should have drive accordingly or face getting a ticket for hypocrisy while driving.



'nora said...

Just this morning, I was watching another bumper sticker and thinking that whatever else Jesus would do, he would not cut me off at the exit ramp.

CableGirl said...

A ticket for hypocrisy! I love it!

Personally, I've always wanted to take a big black marker to those "Choose Life" plates and double underline the "choose". One can not choose if one does not have a choice.

Memnet said...

I guess there's no point in expecting intelligent, thoughtful behavior from someone who thinks women should be reduced to the status of broodmare. I keep hoping though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have found that people in minivans are the most dangerous drivers on the road. Considering it is supposed to be a family vehicle, and they have their kids in those contraptions, you would think they would be more careful. I stay out of their way if I can, they are insane.

Mark said...

Those pro-lifers are just committing a tactical error when they make statements like that. They are forgetting that, prior to cheap and efficient birth control of a chemical nature was invented, the most common form of 'birth control' was infanticide. Nobody was 'choosing life'. Besides, anybody in favor of 'choosing life' should watch "Angela's Ashes".. shudder... how many times was that poor suffering woman pregnant?

catnmus said...

Righteous rant! I love it!

Peregwyn said...

The way some of the Choose Lifer's drive as if they have a death wish or maybe a kill wish, they should read their own bumper stickers more often.

Unknown said...

"Choose Life – Stay Out of My fucking Way"

Have I told you lately that I love you? Seriously.

As a New Englander who got my driver's license in Massachusetts (for some strange reason, my friends all refuse to let me drive), I can tell you first hand that the folks up there in the Alcoholic and Vehicular Manslaughter State have abslutely NO business putting the words "Choose Life" anywhere the hell on their cars. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Rule: If a vehicle has a fish symbol or any bumper stickers promoting any religious or right wing life and gender policies, you can pretty well know that the drivers WILL try to kill you in traffic or rip you off in a business.


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