Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Save Sexuality Studies petition...

The National Sexuality Resource Center asked this bitch to support the field of sexuality studies and the role of science in policy development and health interventions by promoting, blogging about and linking to the 'Save Sexuality Studies' petition that they launched the other day.

With pleasure!

Called "disgusting" by legislators, queer, women's and sexuality studies courses and research are being sliced or threatened at some public universities in the US under the guise of budget cuts...and what we stand to lose is the important contributions that research and scientific inquiry make to sexuality related policies, programs and interventions. Any researcher, program or class across the country could be next. Whether we work as advocates, researchers, students or health educators, these cuts will ultimately compromise the integrity and accuracy of all our work.

Please read and sign the petition now to support sexuality studies...and link to the petition and pass it on to your friends.

Let’s work together to support this critical work!

You can also read the National Sexuality Resource Center blog (and see the ultra-offensive video from GA legislator Charlice Byrd).


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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for linking to the petition--Georgia State U researchers appeared this morning before the Georgia Senate to defend their research on sexuality--they thanked us all for the support. And we thank you for yours! We'll be updating on how it went.

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